D.L. Hughley Slammed For Debbie Reynolds Death Joke

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DL Hughley Debbie Reynolds Joke

By Andrew Shuster |

DL Hughley Debbie Reynolds Joke

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D.L. Hughley joked about the death of Debbie Reynolds on Twitter and now the comedian is getting slammed by his followers over the tweet. See the reactions below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Reynolds died Wednesday following a stroke she suffered just one day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher. Shortly following the news, Hughley tweeted, “Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter did! Black Mama’s don’t die cuz they kids do! They cry and say God don’t make no mistakes!”

Hughley was admonished by hundreds of angry Twitter users who were offended by the barb. One person wrote, “As a human being you could have more compassion. As a father you could have more heart. As a comedian, you should have a seat.” The comic directly responded, “Nah!! As a comedian I should say what I see.”

Meanwhile, one user said, “This is a perfect example of inserting race where it is inappropriate to do so. A family lost two people in two days, and THAT’S what you say?” One person tweeted, “As if we needed more proof that you aren’t funny,” while another added, “Somehow you have managed to trivialize the death of two beloved phenoms and the pain of black mothers who lost their kids.”

Another user offered, “In what universe did @RealDLHughley believe he was witty, clever or funny in his insensitive tweet about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds?” And one person tweeted, “I don’t know if this is more offensive to the Reynolds/Fisher family, black women, or moms in general. And wasn’t even funny.” These are just a few examples of the many tweets slamming Hughley over his joke.

As Gossip Cop also noted, Alec Baldwin was slammed for his tweet about Fisher’s death because he used it to bash Donald Trump. The actor was criticized after writing, “Death comes in threes. Carrie Fisher George Michael The integrity of the Oval Office.”


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