Diddy NOT Caught Cheating On Cassie During “Date With White Woman,” Despite Claim

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Diddy Cheating

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Diddy Cheating

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Diddy was not caught cheating on longtime girlfriend Cassie, nor was he on a “date” with a “white woman,” contrary to an absurdly wrong report. A certain website is sensationalizing photos of the music mogul without even knowing the identity of the woman with whom he was pictured. But Gossip Cop can reveal Diddy was having a routine business lunch with Dana Walden, the chairman and CEO of FOX.

MediaTakeOut, which often embarrasses itself by jumping to the wrong conclusions based on pictures, is exclaiming in a headline on Thursday, “Diddy Creeping??? Caught On A Date… With A White Woman!!!” After luring readers with that clickbait title, the site refers to Walden as a “blonde lady” in its actual story, and also calls her a “companion.” Admits the blog, “It’s not clear WHAT the relationship is between Diddy and the blonde lady.”

Yet the outlet still called the outing a “date” in its headline, and suggested Diddy was caught cheating. In actuality, the pictures merely show Diddy and Walden sitting outside at a restaurant, toasting with glasses of wine and talking. There’s nothing about the snapshots that indicate the meal was a romantic gathering, and it makes little sense to allege Diddy was “creeping” when he was dining out in the open. And it is perfectly reasonable for the pair to be having a business lunch considering Walden’s network FOX airs Diddy’s music competition show, “The Four.”

In fact, Diddy joined Walden and other stars at the FOX upfront just last month. There are more than 1,000 photos of Walden on Getty Images alone. She is a known public figure, and her 1995 wedding to Matt Walden was written up in the New York Times. Had the blog bothered to do some research, it would’ve been able to properly identify her, instead of referring to the TV executive just as a “white woman” and “blonde lady.” That MediaFakeOut, as the website is commonly called, didn’t know Walden’s identity is yet more evidence that it is not a trustworthy or knowledgeable outlet.

But this is par for the course with MTO. Earlier this week, the online publication similarly jumped to conclusions after Halle Berry was photographed with a female friend. The site baselessly assumed the woman is a lesbian, and questioned if the actress had “gone gay.” In both cases, MediaFakeOut showed a rush to judgment based on paparazzi photos as opposed to doing actual investigating and reporting. While the website keeps offering fiction, Gossip Cop will continue to have the facts.


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