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Has Prince Harry been admitted to a psychiatric facility in California to treat PTSD? One tabloid is reporting that this week. Gossip Cop investigated the allegation.

“Harry Rushed To Psych Ward!” reads the headline of a two-page spread from the Globe. It purports that Prince Harry has had a mental breakdown caused by PTSD first brought on by the 1997 death of his mother, Princess Diana. The condition was supposedly made worse by his 10-year military career and re-ignited by he and Meghan Markle’s split from the royal family this year. It’s part of an ongoing bogus narrative first set up by the publication in January.

The dubious publication quotes a so-called “senior royal courtier” as saying, “Harry admits he ‘can’t believe’ how his life has been ‘turned upside down.’” This questionable source continues, “Meghan forced him to ditch his family, friends, and country to chase her Hollywood dream — but it’s turned into his worst nightmare.” According to this “courtier," Harry feels “lost and alone. He has no friends there — the only people they see are the A-listers his controlling wife is courting to jumpstart her career and make her a superstar.” Of course, one of those friends is Adele, though the paper makes no mention of her because it likely had no idea they were friends.

The tabloid goes on and on, claiming that the couple fought over what Prince Harry planned to do after the lockdown until finally, according to the phony report, the Duke of Sussex had a breakdown and landed in a nearby mental health facility. The paper’s questionable source says, “The word is he’s suffering from PTSD — initially caused by the death of his mother,” and made worse by his current situation. “The trauma of quitting the royals,” the supposed source claims, “and moving to La-La-Land…triggered the latest outbreak.”

Like most tabloid articles, this one spends much of its ink trashing Meghan Markle and blaming her for most of Prince Harry's supposed problems. The fact that the paper would exploit the tragic death of the duke’s mother is shameless but not surprising. None of it is true, however. Gossip Cop checked with our own source close to the royal couple, who confirmed that there was no truth to the story and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are fine as they isolate together in Los Angeles after moving to California in March.

Frankly, the Globe has a terrible track record when it comes to “reporting” on the prince and his wife. Two weeks ago, the tabloid purported that Meghan Markle had given Prince Harry a divorce ultimatum. She hadn’t, of course, but the trashy paper needed an excuse to badmouth Markle, which has become something of a sport for the various gossip outlets. Gossip Cop set the record straight, as we have many times regarding the royal couple’s marriage.

In an even more ludicrous story last month, the tabloid alleged that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were purchasing a marijuana farm in California. There are a lot of reasons that wasn’t true, but it illustrates just how insanely silly this tabloid can get in its coverage and why readers shouldn’t take it seriously. Gossip Cop busted that story as well, of course.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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