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Has Meghan Markle really walked off with millions in jewels belonging to Princess Diana against the wishes of the royal family? No, of course she hasn’t, but that’s what one tabloid has written this week. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

“Meghan Ran Off With $10M In Diana’s Jewels!” reads a headline in this week’s National Enquirer. In the latest installment of its smear campaign against the Duchess of Sussex, the tabloid is claiming that Markle “waltzed off” with millions of dollars worth of Princess Diana Spencer’s jewelry, which she’s now “refusing to give back.” Prince William, an unnamed “senior palace source” says, is “furious” at the Sussexes for “ditching their royal duties and hightailing it to Hollywood to become global superstars.”

Additionally, the insider spiteful claims, Meghan Markle is “demanding” that Kate Middleton “surrender” her own Princess Diana ring, one which the late princess supposedly left to Prince Harry in her will. She also allegedly demanded to wear an emerald tiara on her wedding day and was furious at being assigned a diamond one by the queen instead. “She watched the queen shower Kate with diamonds and rubies and vowed to get revenge on them both,” the tipster finishes. “Who knows how many other treasures she walked off with!”

Good grief. So on top of being a social-climbing, parasitic, hen-pecking diva, Meghan Markle is apparently now a jewel thief. Is she also the Zodiac Killer? Does she spend her free time killing adorable Dalmatian puppies to make fur coats? Gossip Cop is frankly dumbfounded at the depths these outlets will stoop to stir up hate against the Sussexes.

Meghan Markle does own some of Princess Diana’s jewelry, but to be clear, she didn’t just scoop them up and run off to America with them. Prince Harry designed a custom engagement ring for her which included two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection — “to make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together,” he explained in a BBC interview. It was a gift, one that she is fully allowed to keep. That’s how gifts work.

Similarly, Prince William gifted Middleton with his mother’s sapphire engagement ring as a way to honor her memory, and there’s absolutely no proof the princess specifically left it for her younger son. And while there had been some unsubstantiated reports after the fact that Markle wanted to wear that emerald tiara, Markle herself has explained that she picked the diamond-and-platinum one as her first choice, which had been originally made for the queen’s grandmother.

Finally, let’s talk about Prince William being “furious” at the Sussexes for “ditching their royal duties.” Funnily enough, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just called out Tatler for saying that Middleton was “furious” with Prince Harry and Markle. Breaking royal protocol, Middleton had a legal letter sent to the magazine demanding that it take the story down. A spokesperson for the future king and queen also denounced the piece as a “swathe of inaccuracies and false representations.” The idea that Prince William or Middleton are angry with the Sussexes is clearly false.

The National Enquirer is notorious for its phony narratives and made-up quotes from “sources,” but their stories about Meghan Markle are particularly nasty and false. In March of last year, the outlet insisted that Queen Elizabeth had kicked them out of the royal family. Gossip Cop listed several events the couple were planning to attend and pointed to Frogmore Cottage, a house on the Windsor Castle grounds that the Queen had recently gifted to them.

In March, Markle had ordered her husband to “get a job” out of fear that she wouldn’t be able to maintain her lavish lifestyle. But as Gossip Cop pointed out, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven’t been turned out in the cold with nothing — they’re still being supported by the crown for now and will work towards financial independence over the next year. It’s safe to say whatever “royal insiders” the Enquirer talks to aren’t exactly on the “inside,” if indeed they even exist.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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