The tabloids have made some bizarre claims in regards to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. One story in particular Gossip Cop corrected last year was the idea that Gaga’s friends didn’t want the singer to date her costar. This was inaccurate. We’re taking a look back at this bogus tale and why we exposed it.

On June 23, 2019, Gossip Cop reported that Life & Style alleged friends of Lady Gaga were warning her not to date Bradley Cooper. According to the tabloid, the "Bad Romance" singer had grown “closer than ever” to Cooper following his break-up from Irina Shayk. The story alleges Gaga didn’t want to go public at the time with their “relationship” because she feared she would be branded a “home-wrecker.” A so-called insider told the outlet Gaga’s friends were advising her not to get “too serious” with the actor because they were convinced he would “wind up breaking her heart.”

"When she's passionate about something or someone, she'll jump in without thinking about the consequences. She's only seen the 'good' side of Bradley. Dating him is a completely different story and that's when you get to know the real Bradley Cooper,” the sketchy source added. The supposed source continued Cooper was a “player” who can also be very demanding and difficult to deal with," adding, "He's just not the best person at relationships." "Her friends aren't happy about them taking their friendship to the next level. Most of them are very worried,” the dubious source stated.

As admirable as these “friends” appeared to be for trying to protect Gaga from Cooper, none of this was true. First and foremost, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were never trying to date nor have they ever dated. Gossip Cop has corrected this phony narrative on many, many occasions. In regards to these so-called “sources” Life & Style allegedly spoke to, we’re almost certain they're just as bogus as this story. Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to Gaga who confirmed the article was untrue.

The tabloid has no real insight on Gaga or Cooper, and after this ludicrous story was exposed by us, the magazine tried to clean up its false claim. Months later, the unreliable publication purported Lady Gaga was in tears after her romance with Bradley Cooper “fizzled out.” Seeing as how the former costars never had a romance, to begin with, and the tabloid’s track record was also untrustworthy, it wasn’t hard to debunk this false story as well.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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