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Gwen Stefani never lost her hearing, despite an alarming report a year ago that alleged she was going deaf. Gossip Cop busted the sensationally wrong story 12 months ago. Now we're taking a look back at the debunking to show how time has proven our debunking was correct.

In April 2017, Stefani was forced to cancel a performance after rupturing her eardrum on a flight. Due to the medical issue, she was advised not to travel to Las Vegas for a performance at a gala, particularly since her hearing was temporarily affected by the ordeal. Of course, the key word was "temporarily." One week later, Stefani was back on stage at "The Voice," showing that she made a quick recovery.

Then on May 23, 2017, RadarOnline announced Stefani had lost her hearing. The site, however, had no concrete evidence that the singer was struggling with hearing difficulties in the wake of her ruptured eardrum. Instead, the blog dramatically speculated that she could "could end up deaf and wreck her fabulous singing career by performing too soon." To add credence to its tale, the outlet cited a doctor who never even met, let alone treated, Stefani, as saying, "Loud music or singing could cause further damage and lead to partial or permanent deafness."

But again, the online publication had no proof that Stefani was actually suffering from such issues. And her successful performance on "The Voice," which went off without a hitch, suggested she wasn't. Gossip Cop also checked in with the songstress' spokesperson, who assured us Stefani was not losing her hearing and was actually doing well in the wake of the incident.

Stefani herself made that clear in the following months. In the fall, she released her first-ever holiday album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, which she promoted with a number of performances. That included again singing on "The Voice," as well as on her own NBC special. Obviously, if she was having hearing problems, none of that would've been possible.

In fact, far from her career being "wrecked," Stefani is launching a Las Vegas residency next month. Dates are currently scheduled through March of 2019. Of course, the performer couldn't have made such a commitment if she was going deaf. But just as Gossip Cop rightly reported 365 days ago, Stefani is doing just fine. It's apparent RadarOnline just wanted to exploit the situation last year with unsubstantiated conjecture. Shamefully, after putting out such a serious but untrue claim, the website has yet acknowledge it was wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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