Did Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid tie the knot? Last year, a tabloid claimed the two were going to wed. Gossip Cop didn't debunk the story at the time, but we can now set the record straight on this false claim.

In March 2019, OK! published a story that Cox and McDaid were ready to marry. The outlet claimed that while the couple "previously brushed off the idea of marriage," Cox's flight to Cabo with Jennifer Aniston, which had to make an emergency landing, made her realize how much the musician meant to her. While the scary plane ride story was true, the rest of the article was false.

"The second Courteney got home, she told Johnny that she was ready to take the next step and get married," a dubious source told the outlet, adding, "Johnny feels the same way". The supposed "insider" then gave oddly detailed information about the wedding. The tipster alleged the couple would exchange vows in an "intimate ceremony held in the garden of her Malibu home". "She's planning to invite Busy Phillips, Lisa Kudrow, and of course, Jen," the so-called source continued.

The tabloid wrote the story a little over a year ago, and obviously, a wedding never took place. Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid were engaged briefly in 2014, however, they soon called everything off while still remaining a couple. Since then, Cox has often spoken about how their relationship is better now that they are no longer engaged. It seems the couple is perfectly content with their current relationship status.

This is hardly the only time OK! has been wrong about Courteney Cox. In August 2019, Gossip Cop busted a story from the unreliable outlet claiming that Cox was getting revenge on Jennifer Aniston for teaming up with Reese Witherspoon. The publication asserted Cox was upset with Aniston for doing The Morning Show with Witherspoon, leading Cox to supposedly throw a birthday party for Aniston's ex, Justin Theroux. Gossip Cop debunked that piece as well, as Aniston and Cox have a very close friendship. Aniston is the godmother to Cox's daughter, Coco. It's highly unlikely the two were fighting over Aniston's latest career venture.

This particular tabloid also has a terrible track record when "reporting" on Courteney Cox's love life. In November, OK! alleged a blossoming romance between Cox and Matthew Perry. The uncredible publication contented the former co-stars were falling in love after Perry supposedly revealed he'd been in love with her for years. The story was, of course, completely fabricated, as Gossip Cop wrote at the time, and it completely ignored Courteney Cox's years-long relationship with Johnny McDaid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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