Did Angelina Jolie Really Snub Celine Dion?

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Angelina Jolie Celine Dion

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Angelina Jolie Celine Dion

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Did Angelina Jolie really snub Celine Dion? Picking up on a previously debunked claim, one of this week’s celebrity magazines falsely maintains the actress turned down the opportunity to play Dion in a movie about the singer’s life. As Gossip Cop noted when the rumor was first floated, the premise about Jolie passing on the chance to star as Dion in a biopic is simply untrue.

The latest outlet to report that Jolie nixed Dion’s offer to portray her in a film adaptation about her life and career is the National Enquirer, which doesn’t have a great track record with its articles about the Oscar-winner. A so-called “source” tells the magazine Dion was “dead-set on Angie landing the part.” The alleged insider further asserts Dion is now furious that Jolie rejected her offer because she “considered Angie a good friend.”

As mentioned above, Gossip Cop already busted a story about Jolie turning down Dion’s request to play her in a movie. Oddly, the tabloid contends its “source” quotes were originally given to its sister site, RadarOnline, though they are the exact word-for-word remarks that were first featured in the NW article that Gossip Cop corrected two weeks ago. Regardless of the origin of the quotes, the premise about Jolie snubbing Dion is still 100 percent inaccurate.

Curiously, the new tale makes no mention that there are actually two movies being readied about Dion, one is titled, Celine Before Celine, and the other is a French film that’s being called The Power Of Love, Celine. Naturally, the outlet doesn’t say which project Jolie has supposedly turned down. Of course, as Gossip Cop confirmed last month with an individual in Jolie’s camp, the entire narrative is “not true,” and the actress never snubbed Dion. As we also pointed out in April, the tabloid’s other sister publication, Star, tried claiming in 2016 that Jolie was making a film about Dion’s life, and the singer’s rep stated then there was “no truth” it.

The Enquirer has a history of publishing tall tales about Jolie. Gossip Cop recently shot down a cover story which wrongly alleged Jolie is dying and leaving her fortune only to her son Maddox, while cutting out her other five kids. And we nailed the same publication for untruthfully insisting Jolie was “heartbroken” over Brad Pitt getting “back together” with Jennifer Aniston. That was a complete work of fiction, and so is the current report about Jolie snubbing Dion.


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