Diane Keaton Kisses Jessica Chastain, Kevin Bacon On ‘Graham Norton’ (VIDEO)

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Diane Keaton Jessica-Chastain Kiss Graham Norton

By Andrew Shuster |

Diane Keaton Jessica-Chastain Kiss Graham Norton

(Graham Norton Show)

Diane Keaton got very affectionate during her appearance on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show.” While discussing her love of on-screen kisses, the actress locked lips with the talk show host, as well as fellow guests Jessica Chastian and Kevin Bacon. Watch the video below!

“It doesn’t get better than on-screen romance,” the Annie Hall star admitted on the British talk show. “Think of all the men you get to kiss and you don’t pay the price.” She added, “It’s just the greatest. There’s nothing better than kissing a man in a movie. And people say that it’s difficult, but they’re wrong.”

Keaton went on to tell Norton, “You and me kiss now,” to which he immediately and happily agreed. “This is so exciting for me,” the host spilled. The actress then approached Norton and began smacking his arm, explaining, “First of all, I hit them because they need punishment.” Keaton went on to call Norton a “big idiot” before planting two pecks on his lips.

The actress wasn’t quite satisfied yet, so she asked, “Can I kiss Kevin?” Bacon then jumped off the couch and gave Keaton a slightly more passionate kiss on the lips. “I want to kiss Jessica too! Even though she’s not a man,” the actress added. Chastain then got up from the couch to kiss Keaton, who said, “What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna touch that sweet nose. And then I’m gonna give her a big kiss like she’s my daughter.”

As Keaton proceeded to grabbed Chastain’s face, she told her, “You little baby, you’ve been bad,” to which the actress exclaimed, “Oh my God, what is happening?” Keaton then gave her a big smack on the lips, before offering to “try it out” on the entire studio audience. Watch the funny video below!

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