Diane Keaton Is Now A Fashion Influencer On Instagram

Diane Keaton at the WGA Awards in a leopard print coat with black hat and turtleneck

By Elyse Johnson |

Diane Keaton at the WGA Awards in a leopard print coat with black hat and turtleneck

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Diane Keaton is more than just an award-winning actress. Keaton is now also a fashion influencer on Instagram. The Academy-Award winning actress found a new passion through social media. Keaton has now decided to use her talents on one of the most popular social networks and not worry so much about what’s happening in Hollywood.

The actress receives thousands of comments on her outfit pictures

While Keaton is undoubtedly popular and successful on the platform, she does have some problems with it. Keaton shared in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, that she feels the problem with Instagram today is the number of likes a person gets.

“Instagram. Here’s the problem. Let me just tell you what the problem is,” the actress explained. “It’s about checking in to see how many people liked it or are following you. It becomes a problem.”

Keaton originally joined Instagram in 2015, using it for sharing photos of her favorite things, like her dog and pictures of a young Matt Dillon. Eventually, Keaton began posting photos of herself in her unique outfits with captions entirely in capital letters. It’s not that the actress is that excited about her post, but she does it because she finds all-caps to be the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Keaton’s style has always been fascinating. In one particular photo, the actress is seen wearing an black and white checkered coat over a white shirt with a poofy black skirt and black leggings. The actress paired the unique outfit with white platform ankle boots. Most of what the actress wears is male-inspired and usually black and white, but it’s hard to pin down a single aesthetic. In addition to her time being an influencer of sorts, Keaton is also a novelist. The Because I Said So actress just released her latest memoir, Brother & Sister.

Diane Keaton, the accomplished writer

The book is based on her upbringing and experiences with her younger brother, Randy Hall. Hall dealt with mental illness and would often suffer from fits of violent rage and drinking problems, which eventually led to liver failure. Keaton hoped by writing this book it would help families discuss mental illness and help destigmatize it. “I think a lot of families go through this, and it’s sort of unwritten and unexplored. And why shouldn’t it be explored? That I think is my question. Why didn’t I explore it more, why did I explore it too late?” Keaton told USA Today.

The actress continued that her brother now lives in an assisted-living facility and is battling dementia. However, Keaton is making it her mission to be a better sister to him. “These things are really special to me. It’s like going to church: On Sundays, I go and see my brother,” Keaton continued.

Keaton has been a contributing blogger to the HuffPost since 2005 and released her first memoir in 2011. Keaton is also still acting. Her most recent film was the comedy Poms. The actress portrays the main character, who is diagnosed with cancer and decides to start her own cheerleading squad at her retirement home. The actress will also be one of the presenters at the 92nd Academy Awards this year. The mother of two still has a very busy career and, like most artists of her caliber, has no plans of retirement anytime soon.