Impostor Posing As Lamar Odom Daughter Destiny On Twitter Dupes HollywoodLife

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Lamar Odom Daughter Destiny tweets

By Michael Lewittes |

Lamar Odom Daughter Destiny tweets


Lamar Odom’s daughter Destiny did NOT post emotional tweets about her dad, despite a report from a habitually inaccurate site. Gossip Cop investigated and the account tweeting about “daddy” does not belong to Destiny Odom.

According to the hacks at HollywoodLife, Odom’s daughter tweeted on Wednesday, “I love you daddy.” The webloid, which has been repeatedly caught publishing fabricated stories, further claims Odom’s daughter also posted a number of additional “devastating tweets about her dying father” and used the social media site as a means to “speak to her father.”

Among the tweets supposedly posted by Destiny, “reports” HollywoodLies, were “Soon I’ll be by your side and I’ll never let go. I love you daddy,” and “Please don’t leave us.” Those and another message that simply reads, “Never letting go,” would be particularly heartwrenching if they came from Destiny. But instead, they were posted by an easily detected impostor, who even more easily duped the webloid that rarely fact-checks stories.

Furthermore, there is a fake account purporting to belong to Destiny’s mother, Liza Morales, that is also wrongly being quoted by various outlets. The situation with Odom is horrible enough. It need not be exacerbated by phonies pretending to be his family and spread more widely by unprofessional journalists reporting it as true.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Odom remains in a coma in a Las Vegas hospital after being found unresponsive Tuesday in a brothel. The former NBA player, who had been doing cocaine and taking an herbal supplement for Viagra while at the brothel, suffered multiple strokes and brain damage. Khloe Kardashian flew (the real) Destiny and her brother Lamar Jr. from New York to Nevada to be by their dad’s hospital bedside.

In addition to the last fake report about his daughter Destiny’s supposed tweets, check out how Gossip Cop has been separating various other facts from fiction about Odom.

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Lamar Odom’s daughter posts emotional tweets about her dad.


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