Ben Affleck And Derek Jeter ESPYs Video: Watch Icon Award Speech At ESPY Awards

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Ben Affleck Derek Jeter ESPYS Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Derek Jeter ESPYS Video


Ben Affleck made a surprise appearance at the ESPYs on Wednesday, presenting Derek Jeter with the Icon Award. Check out the video below!

While Jeter was announced earlier this month as one of the athletes slated to attend the ESPY Awards, Affleck was not listed along with the celebrities scheduled to participate. News of Affleck’s involvement didn’t come until about halfway through the three-hour broadcast, when the announcer teased he would appear in an upcoming segment to honor Jeter. But perhaps mot shocking was that Affleck, a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, agreed to honor one of the biggest Yankee players of all time.

“If you’re from Boston, you always wanted to hate this next honoree,” admitted Affleck when he took the stage. But, Affleck said, “no matter what, he was a winner regardless.” Affleck admitted he was brokenhearted over Jeter’s retirement, and tipped his (invisible) hat to the shortstop. “You made the game better,” he said to Jeter, who was sitting in the audience with girlfriend Hannah Davis.

When Jeter came up, the pair embraced, and Jeter said into the mic afterward, “I told Ben I know it pained him to say ever one of those words.” The event marked Affleck’s second post-split appearance since announcing late last month that he and Jennifer Garner are divorcing. As Gossip Cop reported, the actor attended Comic-Con on Saturday. Watch full video of the Affleck-Jeter presentation below! Note: Video is no longer available.


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