Derek Hough, Marilu Henner “Dancing With The Stars” Feud NOT True

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Derek Hough Marilu Henner Feuding

By Shari Weiss |

Derek Hough Marilu Henner Feuding


Derek Hough and Marilu Henner are NOT feuding behind the scenes of “Dancing with the Stars,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which comes from one of the tabloids.

Though the new season of the ABC ballroom competition only just started, Star claims there’s “‘DWTS’ drama” because Hough and Henner are “feuding already.” In fact, according to the magazine, the partners are “seriously out of step, and a bitter bust-up is imminent!” A so-called “tipster” says, “Marilu is probably the most high-maintenance dance partner Derek has ever had.”

“There’s always something wrong, from the costumes, to the choreography to even the temperature in the studio,” claims the supposed source. But the outlet goes on to say Henner feels that “after decades in Hollywood, she’s earned the right to be a little high maintenance.” The snitch adds, “She wants to win and knows he’s the best dancer on the show. But he’s also half her age, and to her, he needs to have more respect for a showbiz veteran — even if it means giving in to her every whim!”

Of course, with every new season of “Dancing with the Stars,” the tabloids like to sensationalize stories about so-and-so not getting along. To be fair, tensions do rise during rehearsals sometimes, and that footage often ends up on the show. But this article doesn’t quite jive with reality.

With only one dance under their belt so far, there haven’t been multiple costumes or routines for Henner to complain about. And it only takes a brief look at Hough’s Instagram to see that he absolutely adores the veteran actress. He even posted just before Monday’s premiere, “This woman’s spirit is so beautiful. I love her.”

Hough has no problem with Henner’s personality, which he’s finding to be an asset. Star is just looking to make drama where none currently exists. A rep for Hough further tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the feud allegations are “false.”


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