Denzel Washington Cocaine Addiction Claim NOT True

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Denzel Washington Cocaine

By Andrew Shuster |

Denzel Washington Cocaine

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Denzel Washington is NOT addicted to cocaine, despite a completely inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s “all false.”

According to the National Enquirer, the actor had a white powder in his nostril at the Los Angeles premiere of his new film, Fences. A so-called “spy” tells the National Enquirer that Washington “looked bug-eyed and keyed up” at the movie premiere, adding, “Denzel’s eyes wouldn’t focus, and he looked anxious. He clearly didn’t seem like his usual ultra-cool self. Something was going on!”

The outlet’s dubious insider goes on to claim that the actor’s alleged drug problem is taking a toll on his nearly 34-year marriage to wife Pauletta. “This marriage is on its last legs,” says the tabloid’s questionable source. “This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.” Gossip Cop, however, checked in with Washington’s rep, who exclusively assures us the magazine’s report is “all false.” We’re told the actor doesn’t have a cocaine problem, and he certainly wasn’t high on the substance at the Fences premiere. This is simply a non-issue.

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by the tabloid’s bogus story. Gossip Cop previously called out the Enquirer for publishing a misleading report that tried to fool readers into falsely believing Washington strangled Aretha Franklin. This latest tale about the actor is equally untrue.

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Denzel Washington has a cocaine problem.

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