Denzel Washington Did NOT Call Barack Obama “Criminal-In-Chief,” Despite Fake News Story

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Denzel Washington Barack Obama

By Michael Lewittes |

Denzel Washington Barack Obama

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Denzel Washington did not call Barack Obama the “criminal-in-chief,” nor did he say the former president “tore [the] heart out of America,” despite a just published fake news story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this report. The article is simply a piece of fiction, complete with wholly fabricated quotes wrongfully attributed to the Oscar-winning actor.

The repeatedly discredited site, YourNewsWire, falsely claims Washington slammed Obama at a New York screening of his new movie Roman J. Israel, Esq. Among the made-up remarks attributed to Washington are that, as “criminal-in-chief,” Obama ran the country “like a banana republic.” The outlet untruthfully alleges the actor ranted about how “federal debt skyrocketed under Obama,” and contends he said the former president was “printing money by the end of his reign.”

According to the manufactured article, Washington supposedly blasted Obama by saying, “The number of people in America on food stamps more than tripled in his second term;” “There were more ready-and-willing workers out of the labor force than ever before by the time that guy left office;” and “Home ownership rates across America went down the toilet.” The easily disproven site further asserts Washington also railed at the screening about how he was “very suspect” of the 44th president from the start and that “Obama blew it for America big time.”

Gossip Cop will cut to the chase. The entire story is a collection of lies. The first hint was that the blog misspelled Washington’s first name as “Denzil” seven times in the body of its article. Also, the outlet failed to offer any specifics about when or where he supposedly made his remarks. Since facts matter, allow Gossip Cop to throw in some details, including Washington screened Roman J. Israel, Esq. on November 20 at Brookfield Place in New York.

More significantly, a quick search of the alleged quotations from the actor yield one result only, YourNewsWire, meaning they concocted the phony comments. Contrary to the site’s claim that the actor was “very suspect” of Obama, he’s actually a big supporter of the former president. At a screening of his film Fences in 2016, Washington said on camera that he thought Obama “served with dignity, strength, patience, and I think he did a great job.”