Democratic Debate Twitter Reaction: Celebrities React To Hillary Clinton And More – See Stars’ Tweets!

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democratic presidential debate

By Shari Weiss |

democratic presidential debate


The first Democratic presidential debate for 2016 election is taking place Tuesday at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, and a number of celebrities are live-tweeting the event. Gossip Cop is gathering reactions in real time.

While voters have already seen Donald Trump and the other Republican candidates face off twice, this marks the first time Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other Democratic contenders are going head to head. In addition to the two frontrunners, the other participants are Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee, and former Virginia seantor Jim Webb. Anderson Cooper is serving as the moderator.

Both Clinton and Sanders have a bevy of celebrities in their corner, and many stars took to Twitter to weigh in as the debate unfolded. More than an hour before the proceedings officially kicked off, an anxious Olivia Wilde tweeted, “Making a bucket of Debate Bolognese. Verrrrry spicy with a hint of passive aggression. Not for the faint of tongue. #DemDebateCantWait.” In contrast, Ellen DeGeneres quipped, “Tonight is the debate! Will I watch? Debatable. #DemDebate.”

Chloe Grace Moretz also tweeted, “So excited to see @HillaryClinton in action tonight, let’s all listen in and hear the facts #letsgohillary.” And Raven-Symone stated, “#DemDebate me and @michcoll are chillin in her house, bout to pop off.” Seth MacFarlane noted, “Hey CNN– your opening sequence for the Democratic Debate probably shouldn’t feel like a Mayweather fight.”

Right as the debate began, Clinton herself tweeted, “Let’s do this. #DemDebate.” As Sanders gave a pumped-up introduction of himself, Mark Ruffalo wrote, “This guys is actually alive, he has blood moving through his veins and heart. #DebateWithBernie.” And Zooey Deschanel got to the heart of the matter: “Can’t stop staring at HRC’s elegant jacket. #demdebate.”

Bill Clinton tweeted a photo of himself watching the debate, along with the message, “What happens in Vegas…is I watch @HillaryClinton prove she’s the most qualified candidate for POTUS. #ImWithHer.” Rosie O’Donnell simply exclaimed, “GO HILLARY CLINTON!!!!” And Bethany Frankel wrote, “I get anxiety at how exasperated @BernieSanders gets. @andersoncooper is doing a great job.”

Jared Leto, at one point, asked, “Anyone else hear a distant phone ringing in the background? #DemocraticDebate @CNN #tinnitus? #tourlife” Raven-Symone tweeted again to say, “#DemDebate love the fact they are debating, and showing kindness to one another, rather than being cut throat. Nice change!” And Patricia Heaton questioned, “Is it just me or is Bernie Sanders winning this debate?”

Also seemingly backing Sanders was Ruffalo, who tweeted after Sanders said Clinton’s emails are not so a big issue, “Taking up for his opponent because it’s the right thing to do is a great quality of a leader @BernieSanders.” And Raven-Symone wrote, “#DemDebate #youright @BernieSanders #youright @TheView.”

Arsenio Hall ‏joked, “Lincoln Chafee is doing so bad, he should just tiptoe off the stage while the camera is on Anderson Cooper. #demdebate.” More seriously, Michael Keaton tweeted, “in terms of specifics and being about something- about issues, compared to republican debate–not even close!.” He added, ‘Night and day difference AND the democrats consistently disappoint me. ALSO, Anderson Cooper is doing a great job.”

Kevin McHale noted, “It’s just nice to see a group of people who aren’t attacking each other but are talking about the REAL issues and KNOW the facts. #DemDebate.” Ruffalo ended his tweeting by writing, “Bernie has the best hate list. Pharmaceuticals and Wallstreet and every special interest groups. #DebateWithBernie.”


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