Demian Aditya “America’s Got Talent” Video: Escape Artist Buried Alive For Judge Cuts

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Demian Aditya America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Demian Aditya America's Got Talent Video


Escape artist Demian Aditya was seemingly buried alive during the “America’s Got Talent” Judge Cuts on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

Aditya escaped from a glass container as sand poured down during his “AGT” audition. Now, he told the camera, “This performance is going to be much more dangerous. I’m literally going to be buried alive. Ten percent of me is saying don’t do this. If I don’t succeed tonight, it’s not just going to be my ‘America’s Got Talent’ journey is over. My life will be over.” He even told the judges, “I saw this on the Internet. The guy who did this died… I want to be the guy who succeeds doing this.”

The stunt took place outside, where a 10-foot hole was dug to hold a coffin. Aditya was put in chains and handcuffs before getting inside the coffin, which was equipped with a camera. The coffin was closed and then a crew shoveled sand on top. As 90 seconds counted down, Aditya had only a bobby bin to make his escape. Part-way through, the camera feed went out.

Aditya’s wife began to panic, and flung herself at the crew, crying for them to “get him out.” A concerned Simon Cowell intervened as well, pleading, “Guys, seriously, get him out.” Gossip Cop won’t spoil the reveal, except to say Aditya is safe and well. Howie Mandel amusingly exclaimed when everyone calmed down, “You’re alive! The marriage not so much.”

But it was no laughing matter for Cowell. “How am I supposed to judge this? I genuinely thought you were dead in there,” the mogul confessed, adding, “I either want to kill you or the producers.” Despite his anger, though, he and the rest of the judges still liked the stunt enough for Aditya to also survive elimination. He is one of the seven acts who made it through the first part of the “America’s Got Talent” Judge Cuts. Watch the crazy videos below.

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