Demi Moore Directing Daughter Rumer Willis In ‘Striptease’ Remake?

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Demi Moore Rumer Willis Striptease

By Andrew Shuster |

Demi Moore Rumer Willis Striptease

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Is Demi Moore planning to direct daughter Rumer Willis in a Striptease remake? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids, which says the 29-year-old actress will take on the sexy role that her mom played. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can exclusively set the record straight.

In the 1996 comedy, Moore plays a divorced mother who becomes an exotic dancer in order to make enough money to win back custody of her daughter, played by a 7-year-old Willis. An article in the latest issue of OK! says the duo now want to make an updated version of the R-rated movie, but with Willis shedding her clothes and “dancing on the pole,” and her mom behind the camera.

A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “The role brought Demi a lot of attention, and they think it would give Rumer a boost as well. Rumer’s not afraid to flash some skin, and she’s fine with doing it in front of her mom.” But Gossip Cop checked in with sources close to the situation, and we’re exclusively assured there’s no Striptease remake in development, nor are the famous mother and daughter planning one.

It’s possible this bogus story was concocted because Moore and Willis currently appear on “Empire” together and enjoy collaborating, but a Striptease remake simply isn’t in the works. Unfortunately, OK! often publishes lies about both actresses, so we’re not surprised by this latest piece of fiction.

Gossip Cop previously busted the unreliable outlet for baselessly alleging that Willis acted like a “diva” backstage at Broadway’s Chicago back when she was starring in the show. And shortly after a man tragically drowned in the swimming pool of Moore’s home in 2015, the tabloid falsely claimed Moore believed her house was “haunted” by his ghost. This latest article surrounding the mother and daughter’s nonexistent movie project is also untrue.

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