Demi Moore Starving Herself To Relaunch Her Career?

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Demi Moore in a dot patterned outfit at the premiere of Corporate Animals

By Griffin Matis |

Demi Moore in a dot patterned outfit at the premiere of Corporate Animals

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Demi Moore isn’t refusing to eat to help relaunch her career. It’s a disgusting rumor from a tabloid. Gossip Cop found the claims as objectionable as they are false.

The National Enquirer reports that Moore is “hell-bent on relaunching her career” and so “image-obsessed” that she’s not eating. Deeming her “scary skinny,” the tabloid claims that the actress is “down to 94 pounds” with friends fearing she “may be starving herself to death!”

“Demi looked so frail at a recent signing for her book, Inside Out, that people were worried she’d topple over!” an anonymous “pal” tells the magazine. The tabloid then quotes a “longevity expert” that’s never treated, let alone met, Moore. The source says that not getting the proper nutrition a person needs is harmful, which, while true, doesn’t apply to Moore in the slightest.

Not content with demeaning the actress’ current state, it drags up Moore’s past openness about struggling with an eating disorder. It lifts a quote directly from Moore’s memoir without citing it or pointing out that Moore was referencing her life from decades ago. The actress has made it clear that she’s in a far better place than she was in the past.

Gossip Cop ran the story by our source in Moore’s camp, who told us that the whole thing was fiction. Every claim is basically nonsense. For one, Moore’s memoir hit the No. 1 spot on the New York Times nonfiction best-sellers list after its release. She’s highly popular on social media. Moore’s certainly not worried about her career stagnating.

Just last week, Moore posted a silly photo on Instagram of her jokingly feeding her youngest daughter, Talullah Willis, during a gathering. For one, it’s obvious that her family isn’t concerned about her health or eating habits. For two, Moore and her loved ones clearly just finished eating a normal meal. It’s absurd to have to point that out, but that’s nothing compared to the taboid’s accusations.

Of course, we’re no strangers to the Enquirer‘s bizarre brand of gossip and speculation. The outlet falsely paired Moore with actor Ed Helms in 2018 when it claimed that more of Moore’s “pals” were encouraging the actress to keep going out with Helms. Just like the so-called “friends” from its latest story, the Enquirer‘s sources were totally wrong.

RadarOnline, the tabloid’s sister site, also pushed an incorrect story about the actress. The blog claimed Moore and Mila Kunis were partying together after ending a years-long feud. Once again, the faulty “insiders” that made the claim were proven to have no insight into Moore’s life.


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