Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama Planning Wedding?

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Demi Lovato Wilmer Valderrama Wedding Plans

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Demi Lovato Wilmer Valderrama Wedding Plans

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Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are not only back together, but planning for a wedding, according to a new tabloid report. But a rep for the singer denies there are plans to marry. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

The questionable report appears in the latest issue of OK!, which is announcing a “wedding countdown” for the stars, who dated on and off for six years before splitting in 2016. The gossip magazine contends that “on the heals of reports the duo rekindled their romance in February,” their “reunion is going so well” that they’re now “talking about tying the knot.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Demi’s grown up a lot in the last year. She’s even dated other people, but no one measured up to Wilmer.”

The outlet’s supposed snitch maintains Lovato now “knows he’s The One and the feeling is mutual.” The publication adds, however, that “pals waiting for a glitzy save-the-date may want to manage their expectations,” even though she and Valderrama are “said to be thinking of walking down the aisle within the next year.” Instead of an “extravagant wedding,” the alleged tipster claims, “They’d love to have a private and relaxed party to celebrate with their closest family and friends.”

But if the pair was really intending on a “private” wedding, it doesn’t make sense that a “source” purportedly close to them would leak these details to the gossip media. There’s a number of other red flags in this tale as well. The tabloid gave itself a suspiciously large window by claiming they want to tie the knot “within the next year.” And the phrase “said to be thinking” indicates the magazine doesn’t have first-hand knowledge or confirmation of the alleged marriage plans. Additionally, because the outlet has no photo proof that the stars are in fact back together, it illustrates its story with a picture of Lovato and Valderrama from nearly two years ago. Nowhere is it acknowledged that the snapshot was taken in April of 2016, not April of 2018.

It is true Lovato and Valderrama dined out together in February of this year, but People reported that while Lovato and Valderrama haven’t “ruled out” a “reconciliation,” they seem to just be “extremely close friends” for now. Indeed, as opposed to confirming they’re actually back on, in March Lovato’s mom told “Access Hollywood” that although she “like[s] them together,” “I don’t know anything about a timeline or even if it’s going to happen.” She went on, “They’re amazing friends. And hopefully one day it’ll be more than that.”

Right now, though, Lovato is currently making headlines for kissing and straddling Kehlani during her concert this week. In contrast, she and Valderrama have yet to show any PDA in years. It’s also curious that this story says nothing about Lovato dating Jesse Williams, which was the narrative OK! presented just two months ago. Time has shown nothing was going on with between them, as Gossip Cop rightly said back then, so the publication has apparently abandoned that storyline for this Valderrama “wedding countdown” one.

But given that its “source” was wrong not that long ago, it’s hard to believe the “source” quoted now. On top of that, though, Lovato’s spokesperson also denies this latest report is true.


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