Demi Lovato ‘Devastated’ By Wilmer Valderrama’s Engagement?

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side by side photos of Demi Lovato in a white dress on a pink background and Wilmer Valderrama in a brown jacket on a black background

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Demi Lovato in a white dress on a pink background and Wilmer Valderrama in a brown jacket on a black background

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Demi Lovato is “devastated” by the news of Wilmer Valderrama‘s engagement to his new girlfriend, Amanda Pacheco? That’s the bold claim in one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop found it to be false.

According to Star, Lovato is broken up about the engagement. “Demi’s happy for him, she really is,” an anonymous source tells the magazine. “But underneath it all, she’s really devastated.”

Valderrama and Lovato originally broke up in 2016 after dating for several years. He began dating Pacheco – a model – roughly eight months ago, which the tabloid claims makes the emotional impact worse for Lovato. “She wanted to marry him so badly,” the unnamed insider says. “She told all her friends he was The One, but she never got a proposal.”

The outlet then brings up Lovato’s “struggles with sobriety” for no particular reason before the source concludes that the singer “is doing a lot of reflecting” after the announcement. “Her friends are rallying around her,” the tipster says.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation. They told us off the record that there wasn’t any truth to the rumor. Despite the tabloid’s insistence otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the exes.

As E! News, a much more reliable source of celebrity insight, reported earlier this month, Lovato seems to be totally fine with the engagement. As the outlet pointed out, Valderrama supported Lovato through her “struggles with sobriety” and the two have remained close after they mutually ended their romance. It’s odd to claim that Lovato’s allies are rallying around her when she counts her ex among her friends. The outlet simply doesn’t have any legitimate insight into what’s in the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer’s social or romantic life.

It seems like the tabloid sought inspiration from the throngs of hardcore Lovato fans on Twitter that were upset by the engagement. Several fan accounts were outraged by the fact that Valderrama proposed after a few months of dating considering the fact that he spent a little over half a decade going out with Lovato but never popped the question. Just like the publication’s mysterious “sources,” the fans have no idea how the pop singer actually feels.

Unfortunately, the truth doesn’t necessarily stop rumors. Gossip Cop busted Star last May for claiming Lovato and Valderrama were getting back together. In reality, Lovato just joined Valderrama’s Instagram Live session for a friendly chat. There seems to still be love between the exes, but there’s no romance or ill will to be found. Once again, the tabloid proves itself to be totally clueless about the singer.


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