Demi Lovato WE Day Video 2017 – Watch Speech!

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Demi Lovato We Day 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato We Day 2017

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Demi Lovato gave an empowering speech for the 2017 “WE Day Special,” which aired on Friday. Check out the video below!

A happy Lovato exclaimed when she took the stage, “Hello, WE! I want to tell you all about a place that is very, very important to me, and that place is Kenya in east Africa.” She explained, “I went to Kenya with WE organization for the first time on my 21st birthday. Kenya and the amazing people I met there inspired and empowered me. They reminded to turn up the volume on my voice and to take action on something I believe in.”

And, she told the youth in attendance, three years after that visit, “I joined WE on breaking ground on a women’s empowerment center.” At the new facility, girls and women in Kenya “can learn skills and trades that lead to life-changing opportunities,” Lovato noted. “It is a place where empowered women empower other women.It’s that sense of empowerment that I want to bring to the stage today.”

“We all know what it feels like to feel underestimated. We know what it feels like to be judged,” the pop star said. “But what I want everyone to feel today is powerful. Remember to always turn up the volume on your voice. And I want to leave you with this: When we take care of each other, we build each other up, because together we have the power.”

Lovato has been an active participant in “WE Day” events for years. While this CBS broadcast was based on the gathering that was held in Los Angeles earlier this year, she has taken part in conferences held in other cities, too. This time around, Lovato also taped an amusing segment with Muppet favorite Animal. Watch the videos below!

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