Demi Lovato Performs “Cool For The Summer” And “Confident” Medley On ‘SNL’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Demi Lovato SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Demi Lovato SNL


Demi Lovato performed a medley of “Cool For The Summer” and “Confident” on this week’s “SNL.” See Lovato’s performance on “Saturday Night Live” below.

“Cool For The Summer” is the first single off Lovato’s fifth and latest album Confident, while “Confident” is the second song from the album. “Cool For The Summer” reached the number one position on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs. It also quickly reached the number one spot on iTunes right after it was released.

And “Confident” has a cool video, which was directed by famed filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, and stars Lovato and Michelle Rodriguez. The movie-like video begins with Lovato being pardoned and released from a prison by a U.S. Marshal in exchange for her tracking down Michelle Rodriguez. But as soon as she does, Lovato realizes she’s been double-crossed and after a fight with Rodriguez, she’s re-arrested.

En route back the maximum security prison, Lovato makes a death-defying escape from a prison truck and goes after Rodriguez again. At a certain point, after a second fight, two women realize they’ve both been set up by the corrupt U.S. Marshal, and ultimately kick his and his team’s butts.

This is the first time Lovato has been the musical guest on “SNL.” Check out the video below of Lovato’s medley of “Cool For The Summer” and “Confident” on “Saturday Night Live,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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