Demi Lovato Shaves Dentist’s Head While Delivering Singing Telegrams With James Corden On ‘Late Late Show’ (VIDEO)

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Demi Lovato Singing Telegrams James Corden

By Andrew Shuster |

Demi Lovato Singing Telegrams James Corden


Demi Lovato and James Corden delivered singing telegrams for various people on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show.” One of the lucky recipients to get his own song was a dentist, who then had his head shaved by Lovato. Watch the video below to find out why!

During the segment on the late-night talk show, Lovato and Corden drove around Los Angeles with a car full of balloons and made surprise visits to people who had just accomplished something. The first recipient was a young woman who had just been promoted at Drybar hair salon. As Lovato and Corden walked to the salon, the “Cool for the Summer” singer said, “I don’t know why they don’t just call this place ‘Blow Jobs.'” Corden responded, “Or ‘Blowies.'” Lovato agreed, and Corden added, “So if you opened a hair dry bar, you’d call it Demi Lovatos Blowies?” The duo then entered the salon, and sang a congratulatory country song to the confused employee while the equally confused customers watched on.

Lovato and Corden’s second stop was to an office to serenade a man for his 25th birthday. They were told that this particular guy’s favorite condiment is mayonnaise, so they sang him a cover version of the song “Day-O,” but with “Mayo” replacing the main lyric. Finally, the talk show host and singer arrived at the office of a dentist who had raised $6,000 for the YMCA. To thank him for his charitable donation, they interrupted him mid-dental procedure and sang him a personalized version of The Village People’s “YMCA.” Lovato then shaved the dentist’s head, and you’ll have to watch the video below to find out why. Tell Gossip Cop what you think of Demi Lovato and James Corden singing telegrams on “The Late Late Show.”


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