Demi Lovato Face Plants By Pool While Promoting “Cool For The Summer” (VIDEO)

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Demi Lovato Falls Pool Video

By Michael Lewittes |

Demi Lovato Falls Pool Video

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Demi Lovato face planted by a pool while promoting her new song “Cool For The Summer” at an event in L.A. on Sunday. While standing on a platform above a pool during KIIS FM radio’s party for her single on the roof of L.A.’s WaterMarke Tower, Lovato slipped and fell. Undeterred, the singer got back up and, in a colorful bathing suit and high heels, then jumped into the pool. Lovato later tweeted video of the fall, along with the captions, “#NOTCoolForTheSummer #F*ckIt” and “Well… It’s not a tour without busting ass!!!!!!” Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, “Cool For The Summer” is Lovato’s first single off her upcoming untitled album. The catchy tune, which has Lovato singing about a steamy summer romance, was released on Wednesday. Since its debut, the song gone to number one on iTunes.

During a radio interview last week with Ryan Seacrest, Lovato said “Cool For The Summer” was more “provocative” than her past music because she’s now more “badass.” She also quite confidently predicted, “It’s basically going to be your song of the summer.”

And while it may become the summer’s biggest song, she had a very not “cool” on Sunday when she face planted. Check out the video below of Demi Lovato falling on the platform above the pool, and tell us what you think.


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