Demi Lovato NOT “Partying Out Of Control,” Despite Report

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Demi Lovato Partying Drinking

By Andrew Shuster |

Demi Lovato Partying Drinking

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Demi Lovato is not “partying out of control” and “drinking heavily,” despite a completely fabricated report from one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story. We’re told it’s simply “not true.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Lovato has been open about her struggles with addiction and admitted to checking into rehab in 2010. But according to In Touch, Lovato is “back to her old ways” and her friends are concerned about her partying. A so-called “pal” tells the tabloid, “She’s been very self-conscious lately and hasn’t been hiding the fact that she’s resorting to her old ways to cope with it.”

A second alleged Lovato “friend” claims she “started drinking pretty heavily again,” adding, “She’s been partying like crazy, which made her bloat.” The tabloid then drags Selena Gomez into this fabricated story, alleging that she too has “been drinking heavily in recent months.” The magazine quotes a purported “friend” of Lovato’s as saying rather unnaturally, “Why do you think Demi, who dumped Selena after she wouldn’t clean herself up and get sober last year, is suddenly posting photos online with Selena again?”

Gossip Cop has corrected In Touch on several occasions for making up stories about Lovato allegedly succumbing to old habits, and this latest relapse claim is similarly untrue. For example, Gossip Cop previously busted the tabloid when it reported that Lovato was going to throw an alcohol-fueled birthday party in Las Vegas. That party never happened, as we said would be the case.

Much like previous claims by the tabloid about Lovato, the latest story about her “partying out of control” is also untrue. A rep for the singer exclusively tells Gossip Cop the magazine’s report is “made-up nonsense.”


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