Demi Lovato Slams Paparazzi For Trapping Her In Turkish Hotel

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Demi Lovato paparazzi hotel

By Michael Lewittes |

Demi Lovato paparazzi hotel

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Demi Lovato is slamming paparazzi who made it impossible for her to leave the confines of her hotel in Turkey and enjoy the country. The singer, who performed in Antalya on Saturday night, sent a series of tweets in which she cursed out photographers for being “the worst” and making her feel trapped in her room.

On Sunday, Lovato first sarcastically wrote on Twitter, “I love going to other countries and spending all my time in the hotel rooms. #sofun.” That was followed up by a more explicit tweet that read, “If the paparazzi wasn’t so f**king annoying I’d get out and do s**t but they are the worst. #f**kpaps.”

This is hardly the first time, however, Lovato has spoken out about pesky photographers. In 2014, after attending an event for the cable network Logo in New York, she wrote, “When are paparazzi gonna learn? If you’re respectful to me, I’ll be respectful back. Why does it have to be a war of celebs against paps?” The singer followed up that remark with another that said, “I’ll pose if you are respectful and not being bullies.” At the time, Lovato also apologized to fans with whom she couldn’t stop and pose, noting, “I can’t deal with how mean these paps are.”

And last year, Lovato also had to deal with nasty paparazzi abroad when shutterbugs in Australia asked questions about her recently deceased dog, Buddy. Lovato ranted on Twitter, “Kind of a low blow when paparazzi bring up your dead dog to try to get a reaction out of you.” Gossip Cop has reached out to Lovato’s rep to get more background about the latest incident in Turkey.


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