Demi Lovato Nude Photos Leak, Naked Pictures Hacked

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Demi Lovato Nude Photos Hacked

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato Nude Photos Hacked

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Alleged nude photos of Demi Lovato have surfaced, suggesting she’s yet another victim in the naked picture hackings targeting Hollywood stars this month.

There are two pics circulating, although the authenticity of both is unclear. In one snapshot, Lovato is seen laying in bed while wearing an Adidas sweatshirt. The top, however, is unzipped, revealing the singer’s cleavage. In the other picture, which has been floating around the Internet since before this latest scandal started last week, shows a faceless woman exposing the lower half of her body. Though it is said to be Lovato, there is no way to confirm that based on the framing of the picture.

Nevertheless, Lovato has been hacked before. In 2014, nude photos of Lovato were posted on then-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama’s Twitter account after a hacker gained access. This was just before the “The Fappening,” the massive naked celebrity hacking scandal that involved more than a dozen well-known female celebrities. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, nude photos belonging to these stars were stolen and then posted on platforms like Reddit and 4chan.

This latest spate of hackings and leaks has drawn comparisons to that, although Lovato also faced a security breach in 2015. Gossip Cop has reached out to her rep for comment on this latest incident. As previously noted, last week Amanda Seyfried had nude photos removed from the website Celeb Jihad, while fellow nude photo victim Analeigh Tipton is working with police in hopes of tracking down the hacker.

And after a sex tape of Rose McGowan leaked, she told Gossip Cop she plans to contact the Department of Justice. Others recently targeted include Emma Watson, Katie Cassidy, Dylan Penn, Rhona Mitra, and a number of WWE wrestlers.

UPDATE: In response to the leak, Lovato tweeted on Wednesday night, “I love how everyone’s freaking out about one picture. It’s not nude and it’s just cleavage. Besides the world has seen me nude BY CHOICE before.. #vanityfair #nicetry #cleavagegameonpoint #myboobsarenteventhatbig #angles.”

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Alleged nude photos of Demi Lovato are circulating online.


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