Demi Lovato, Jesse Williams NOT Dating, Despite Reports

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Demi Lovato Jesse Williams Dating

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Demi Lovato Jesse Williams Dating

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Demi Lovato and Jesse Williams are not dating, nor are they even flirting. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust wrong claims that have spread from the tabloids to gossip blogs. We’re told it’s “all not true.”

The allegations can be found in Star, which contends, “After allegedly ending his marriage to Aryn Drake-Lee for Minka Kelly, who broke up with him last month, Jesse Williams is leaning on none other than Demi Lovato.” In the wake of Lovato casting the “Grey’s Anatomy” star as her love interest in her music video for “Tell Me You Love Me,” the gossip magazine maintains, “Those are just the words she’s waiting to hear.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Demi is definitely crushing on Jesse and vice versa.”

“Nothing more than flirting has happened yet,” continues the supposed tipster, “but that might not be the case for long.” And although the outlet alleges “some suspect the pop star is just using Jesse to get back at Minka for dating [her] ex Wilmer Valderrama,” the purported snitch maintains, “Demi doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She really likes Jesse and is excited to see where this goes.”

This article is headlined “Sparks On Set,” but the “Tell Me You Love Me” video premiered more than two months ago. It was shot in the fall, so it makes little sense to now claim in February that Lovato and Williams had “sparks on set” and struck up a flirtation. It seems likely that just because Williams and Kelly’s split was revealed two weeks ago, it was decided to link him to Lovato since she has ties to both of them.

What makes it all the more suspicious is that Stars sister publication, OK!, is featuring a nearly identical story this week, too, but with slightly different quotes. For example: “Nothing more than flirting has happened yet, but that might not be the case for long” versus “Nothing more than flirting has gone down so far, but that might not be the case for much longer.” The same “insider” or “source” didn’t make the same assertions to two gossip magazines with minor alterations. Rather, this is a typical tabloid trick; the publications share manufactured content and barely differentiate them.

The similarities are obvious because the reports were jointly concocted. And now the bogus allegations are circulating online. HollywoodLife has a headline asking, “Is Demi Lovato Dating Jesse Williams? New Report Claims Sparks Are Flying As They Start Flirting.” Celebrity Insider is offering, “Demi Lovato And Jesse Williams Flirting A Lot After ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ – Will They Date?”

Neither blog bothered to fact-check or even considered whether the assertions have any merit. Gossip Cop, however, investigated, and we’re exclusively told by a Williams pal, who wasn’t authorized to comment on the record, that the romance claims are “all not true.”