Demi Lovato Slams Taylor Swift In Glamour: “That’s Not Women’s Empowerment”

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Demi Lovato Glamour Taylor Swift Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato Glamour Taylor Swift Feud

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Demi Lovato is slamming Taylor Swift again, this time in her new Glamour cover story. In the interview, Lovato accuses Swift of not supporting feminism and women’s empowerment.

As Gossip Cop reported, Lovato first ripped Swift back in February, saying she was “not impressed” with the singer’s $250,000 donation to Kesha’s legal battle against Dr. Luke. At the time, Lovato argued that Swift was just throwing money at the problem, instead of playing an active role in openly discussing issues such as violence against women. Lovato later backed down somewhat, admitting she probably spoke out of turn, and acknowledging that “everyone has their own way of giving support to others.”

But now in the November 2016 issue of Glamour, Lovato addressed the topic again after being asked, “You’ve said before, in regard to Taylor Swift, ‘Don’t brand yourself a feminist if you don’t do the work.’ How do you see yourself doing the work?” As part of her answer, Lovato said, “To be honest, and this will probably get me in trouble, I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body. It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like. And what they should be like, and it’s not real.”

And when the Glamour interviewer pointed out that “there’s just one type of body in that squad,” Lovato noted, “It’s not realistic.” She then went on to say, “And I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that’s not women’s empowerment. We all do things that aren’t, but I have to ask myself, Am I content with calling myself a feminist? Yes, because I speak out.”

Lovato, of course, is referring to Swift’s “Bad Blood.” The song is widely rumored to be about her long-standing feud with Perry, and the music video featured a number of Swift’s “squad” members. Lovato is already getting a backlash on social media for her new comments, prompting her to tweet, “I get asked questions. I answer them. Sue me.”

Lovato went on to write, “Also don’t forget that words can be taken out of context when doing interviews.. still not apologizing for saying what everyone want to say. I don’t understand why people care so much about what I say in interviews? Do y’all watch the news? Don’t y’all got sh*t to worry about?” She and Swift are pictured above at the 2014 VMAs.

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