Demi Lovato’s Friends Fear She’s Going To Relapse?

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Demi Lovato performs the National Anthem onstage during Super Bowl LIV

By Laura Broman |

Demi Lovato performs the National Anthem onstage during Super Bowl LIV

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Is Demi Lovato on the verge of a relapse? That’s the completely baseless claim that one tabloid is making this week. Gossip Cop investigated the story and found it false.

After a drug overdose in 2018 that put her in the hospital, Lovato has spent the past two years out of the public eye as she underwent recovery. The National Enquirer is now claiming that Lovato was spotted partying it up amid her recent return to the spotlight. A supposed “insider” claims she was seen “stumbling out of a Miami club” the night before she was due to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

The tabloid goes on to suggest that concerns of a potential addiction relapse are growing among Lovato’s well-wishers. The reason? Lovato’s ex, Wilmer Valderrama, announced his engagement to model Amanda Pacheco in January. If that sounds like shaky logic to you, you’re right, but the Enquirer is holding fast to the theory that the news is destroying Lovato, insisting that the singer has returned to hard partying “to try and numb her pain.”

Gossip Cop finds no truth to these claims. We reached out to a source close to Lovato, who was not able to speak on the record, but assures us the rumor that she’s on the verge of a relapse is totally false. The former Disney star is quite open about her past struggles with addiction and mental health. At the Grammys last month, Lovato performed an emotional new song titled “Anyone,” which she originally wrote and recorded days before her 2018 relapse. “I wish I could go back in time and help that version of myself,” she said in an interview, going on to say that she now realized the song’s lyrics were “a cry for help.” Rather than foreshadowing a future relapse, the performance was clearly a look back on a version of herself that she has moved away from.

Also, Valderrama and Lovato broke up in 2016. It seems fairly unlikely that Lovato is still hanging on that hard to a relationship that ended four years ago. Following the engagement announcement, E! News reported that Lovato was “happy for Wilmer if he’s happy” and was “glad he has found love.” The Enquirer is clearly just capitalizing on Lovato’s well-publicized personal life to make up tactless stories about her.

This isn’t the first time a publication has exploited the singer’s struggles. Last November, Star claimed the singer’s friends feared her new boyfriend, model Austin Wilson, was a “bad influence” on Lovato and that he put her in danger of backsliding. Gossip Cop busted that story as well. While every false rumor and baseless theory pushed by these tabloids carries a hint of nastiness, stories of this nature feel especially cruel. Addiction is a serious matter and for Star and the Enquirer to be inventing stories about Lovato’s struggles for the sake of selling magazines is highly disrespectful.


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