Demi Lovato Celebrates Fourth Sober Anniversary After Difficult Year: “I Made It Through”

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Demi Lovato Four Years Sober Anniversary

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato Four Years Sober Anniversary

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Demi Lovato is celebrating the fourth anniversary of her sobriety, after a year that brought professional highs but much personal loss.

The singer has been sober since March 15, 2012, after battling issues with drugs, alcohol, and self-harm, as well as an eating disorder. She tweeted on Tuesday, “This last year I experienced so much life and too much death… But I made it through… Sober. #4Years #GodsWill.”

Four years of sobriety is no doubt a milestone, particularly considering the heartbreak Lovato faced throughout 2015. As Gossip Cop reported, her puppy Buddy was killed in July, and then in December, she and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama mourned the loss of his dog Spawn. In addition, Lovato’s longtime friend Chris Carney passed away.

But that’s not all. Last year, Lovato’s great-grandfather died, as did one of her uncles. And this past January, another uncle passed away, too.

Lovato was able to follow her own advice to “stay strong,” and saw her career flourish. The pop star’s fifth album, Confident, came out last October, and this spring she’ll head on tour with Nick Jonas, with whom she’s started a record label. And she has thousands of Lovatics offering support.

In response to her sobriety anniversary message, one fan tweeted to Lovato, “SO proud! Thank you for inspire[ing] us everyday. We [love] you baby. #Happy4YearsDemi.” Another expressed, “Four years… I remember when you tweeted ‘9’ months. I’m so proud of you. Change isn’t easy, but it is worth it. All for better.” Gossip Cop would like to offer Lovato congrats as well.


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