Demi Lovato Slams Paparazzi For Bringing Up Her Dead Dog “To Get A Reaction”

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Demi Lovato Dead Dog Paparazzi

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato Dead Dog Paparazzi


Demi Lovato is once again showing just how cruel the paparazzi can be.

The pop star is still grieving the loss of her precious dog Buddy, and photographers in Australia apparently thought making remarks about the pup’s death would be the perfect way to get some candid photos. Lovato rightly ranted on Twitter on Wednesday, “Kind of a low blow when paparazzi bring up your dead dog to try to get a reaction out of you.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Buddy died just a few weeks ago, and Lovato movingly wrote about her heartbreak on Twitter. Perhaps even sadder is that the singer seemed to be doing better on Tuesday, and then the paparazzi had to bring her back down just hours later. Lovato had posted about “loving” Australia, and tweeted, “Sometimes life throws some pretty painful curve balls but today my heart is so full of love and I feel so grateful to be so happy again.”

The unfortunate paparazzi run-in comes just over a year after an incident in New York. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Lovato complained on Twitter, “When are paparazzi gonna learn? If you’re respectful to me, I’ll be respectful back. Why does it have to be a war of celebs against paps?”

“Of course if you yell horrible things, I’m not gonna work with you. I’ll pose if you are respectful and not being bullies,” she added. Sadly, it seems paparazzi on both sides of the world still have a lot to learn.


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