Demi Lovato: I Did NOT Copy Katy Perry — “Cool For The Summer” Sounds “Nothing” Like “I Kissed A Girl” (LISTEN HERE)

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Demi Lovato Copied Katy Perry

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato Copied Katy Perry

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Demi Lovato is denying she copied Katy Perry with her new single, “Cool For The Summer.”

As Gossip Cop reported, the song leaked online on Tuesday, one day before its official release as the first track from Lovato’s upcoming album. Since its iTunes premiere on Wednesday, the song has rocketed to the top of the charts. But not everyone’s hot about “Cool For The Summer.”

In fact, many have taken to Twitter to accuse Lovato of ripping off not just Perry, but Jessie J, too. “I Kissed A Girl,” Perry’s breakout hit, famously featured lyrics about a same-sex smooch. Lines included, “I’m curious for you, caught my attention,” “I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick,” and “It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don’t mean I’m in love tonight.”

In Lovato’s new song, she similarly sings, “I’m a little curious too, tell me if it’s wrong, if it’s right, I don’t care,” and “Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite.” Furthermore, other critics have complained that the chorus, where Lovato says, “Take me down into your paradise,” sounds just like Jessie J’s “Rock my world until the sunlight” in her hit “Domino.”

But Lovato took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to hit back at the copycat claims. “Sounds nothing like it and with all the advances we’ve made in the LGBT community I think more than one female artist can kiss a girl and like it,” she wrote. Listen to “Cool For The Summer,” “I Kissed A Girl,” and “Domino” below, and tell us what YOU think.


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