Demi Lovato: “I’m 1 Percent African!”

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Demi Lovato African

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato African

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Demi Lovato announced she’s “one percent African,” and seemingly caused some offense by doing so.

Late Friday, the singer revealed on Twitter, “I did a DNA test and found out I’m mainly Spanish, with Native American, SCANDINAVIAN (which I had NO idea), Irish, BRITISH…. And I’m 1% African!!!!” Lovato even posted a photo of her results, which breaks down her ethnicity by location and percentage.

For Africa, it indicates that Lovato is connected to “trace regions” through “1%” of her DNA (see picture below). But though the former child star was just sharing some new facts she learned about herself, she was actually hit with a backlash. The objection seemed to be over saying she’s “African.”

Seeing the negative responses, Lovato wrote, “Just thought it was cool and totally random. Some of y’all are mean af. Twitter sucks.” And when one user even told her “delete this,” she questioned why. Ultimately, though, the performer said, “I also included the other nationalities. But I understand and respect your point of view and didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

Lovato has had a love-hate relationship with social media over the years. She’s quit Twitter several times, only to return. Last May, Lovato even defended her Twitter rants, suggesting her outspoken nature may have to do with being bipolar. So far, this latest incident has not sent her fleeing… yet. Check out the photo of Lovato’s DNA test results below.

Demi Lovato DNA Test

(Demi Lovato/Twitter)

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