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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle "Neighbors From Hell?"

According to the cover of the latest Star, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are the “worst neighbors ever” in the gated Los Angeles community that they‘ve been living in. “People pay millions to live there because it’s beautiful, private and peaceful,” an insider asserts. “But with Harry and Meghan around, it’s become total chaos.” That “chaos” is due to paparazzi, helicopters flying overhead, and tourists and fans swarming the neighborhood.

The outlet adds that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been “downright cold” to neighbors, on top of creating a nuisance. “They keep to themselves and aren’t the slightest bit friendly,” says a neighbor.

First, Gossip Cop should point out the hypocrisy of this tabloid for suggesting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in the wrong because of the nuisance caused by gawking photographers. It’s not Markle and Prince Harry’s fault that publications like this one constantly invade their privacy. Secondly, it’s odd to complain about two people “keeping to themselves” in a gated neighborhood that people move to specifically for its privacy, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last Christmas, the magazine claimed the Queen kicked them out of the royal family because they didn’t spend Christmas with them. Last month, the tabloid’s sister outlet, Life & Style, wrote that the Duke and Duchess were “broke and practically homeless” upon arriving in Los Angeles. The Sussexes still haven’t bought a home, but rest assured they’re not living on the street.

Two separate photos, one featuring Fabio wearing a black shirt on the left and George Clooney wearin
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George Clooney, Fabio "Feud" Resurrected?

George Clooney has “resurrected” a “decades-long feud” with the model and spokesman Fabio Lanzoni, the National Enquirer reports. In 2007, Clooney and Lanzoni reportedly got into an argument at a restaurant in Los Angeles and had to be physically separated. With Clooney returning to LA with his family to ride out the pandemic, the outlet says, “their rivalry has reared its ugly head once again,” according to unnamed insiders.

“These guys hate each other’s guts,” one source says. The article finishes up by stating that Lanzoni feels like Clooney is stepping into his turf by returning to Los Angeles. “Fabio considers it HIS town now after George left for Europe,” the outlet’s insider says.

First off, while that confrontation in 2007 did happen, to call it a “feud” or a “rivalry” is a massive overstatement. They had one argument, thirteen years ago, and haven’t interacted since. Lanzoni’s own spokesperson told the tabloid that the model “couldn’t give a damn” where Clooney lives.

So to say that Clooney has “resurrected” this feud, which isn’t really a feud, is fully misleading. Also, Clooney isn’t “returning” to LA from living full-time in Europe. As Gossip Cop has clarified multiple times, the Clooneys split their time between Los Angeles and London.

This is just more of the same nonsense the National Enquirer has always published about George Clooney. In January of last year, the tabloid reported that Julia Roberts was leaving her husband for Clooney, as his own marriage was apparently taking a nosedive. Gossip Cop dismissed the claims.

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Ryan Seacrest Going Blind?

Ryan Seacrest is going blind amid his health scares a story in the current issue of the National Enquirer reports.The story comes after fans fretted on social media if the American Idol host had a stroke on the air after he appeared to slur some words and close one eye during a recent episode of the popular talent show.

Seacrest could be going blind, not due to the supposed stroke, but because of Botox injections that the outlet insists he has been giving himself during the lockdown. According to a source, “It could well have been a reaction to a Botox injection administered by himself or someone else at his home.” This, the source continues, “would be deeply concerning — especially if it had been done wrong! He could go blind!”

While it all sounds very dramatic and scary, nothing in the story is true. Seacrest has, in fact, already returned to TV, working on Live with Kelly and Ryan after taking a day off due to exhaustion. A rep for Seacrest denied that the story was true to the Enquirer, and Gossip Cop reached out to our own impeccable source close to Seacrest who told us that the story was not only wrong, it was “crazy.”

Last month, we debunked a phony report from this tabloid that alleged that Seacrest was leaving Live to relocate to Los Angeles. Last August, we busted it for claiming that he was getting ready to marry his girlfriend Shayna Taylor after going through therapy. The truth is, this outlet is clueless when it comes to Ryan Seacrest in every way.

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Mary-Kate Olsen Terrified Divorce Will Expose Secrets?

In Touch reports this week that Mary-Kate Olsen is worried that her divorce from her husband Olivier Sarkozy will reveal terrible secrets about her and her sister Ashley Olsen. Olsen filed for divorce from him in April. Due to court delays from the coronavirus pandemic, she filed an emergency order with a New York City judge to proceed anyway. Her request was denied.

Now Olsen is trying to rush the divorce proceedings out of fear that salacious details about her and Ashley’s “bizarre” private world might come out in the “nasty” divorce. “Mary-Kate is petrified that Olivier will expose her and Ashley’s darkest secrets in court or elsewhere when their divorce moves forward,” a source says of the Olsens.

In the statement she made in filing that emergency order, Olsen explained that she was concerned about being forced to move out of the home she shares with Sarkozy and about losing some of her personal property to him. If she was seriously concerned about her former partner doxxing her out of revenge, as the tabloid suggests, she would have mentioned that in the order, and probably would have been more likely to get it approved.

In Touch’s sister magazine, Star, has also printed ridiculous lies about the Olsen twins. In 2018, that tabloid insisted that Ashley Olsen was jealous of her sister’s pregnancy. A rep for the sisters told Gossip Cop the story was totally bogus. The following year, the outlet wrote that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were “at war” over Ashley’s “fast-track romance” romance with artist Louis Eisner. The Olsens’ rep likewise assured Gossip Cop the claim was once again not true.

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Jennifer Aniston Pulling Out Of Friends Reunion?

An article published in this week’s issue of Star reports that Jennifer Aniston is pulling out of the long-awaited Friends reunion, which is set to premiere at some point down the road on HBO Max. “It’s all looking like a fiasco,” says one unnamed insider, adding that “Jen, for one, is regretting she ever agreed to do this.”

The outlet doesn’t address exactly why Aniston supposedly wants out, but goes on to speculate that her co-star Matthew Perry might flake on the project as well. Its source says Perry “isn’t in the right mental space to be shooting anything” and that “the cast has tried to help him get his act together, but he doesn’t pay any attention.”

While production on the reunion special has yet to move forward, it’s certainly not because any of the cast members aren’t interested. The real reason, of course, is that the coronavirus outbreak has caused production to stall on the project. Gossip Cop also reached to Aniston’s spokesperson for comment, who dismissed the claims in this article as “ridiculous fabrications.” The idea that any of them would try to get out of the special is simply untrue.

This is hardly the first time Gossip Cop has caught Star making up rumors about Jennifer Aniston. In February of this year, the tabloid tried to claim that Courteney Cox was trying to get Aniston back together with Brad Pitt. The tabloid later tried to claim that Aniston and Pitt were planning a “secret beach wedding” in Cabo. Gossip Cop dismissed the ludicrous article.


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