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Julia Roberts Joining Emma Roberts In Delivery Room?

OK! published a story about Emma Roberts asking her aunt Julia Roberts to be with her in the delivery room. Emma and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund are expecting their first child later this year, and apparently Emma is leaning on her aunt for advice. “They speak practically every day,” an unnamed friend told the outlet, “Emma’s getting advice on everything.”

That sounds fairly reasonable until the last blurb from this anonymous single so-called mysterious friend: “Emma even wants her to be in the delivery room coaching her. Just being around Julia helps calm her down.” Bit of a leap there OK!. Gossip Cop is pretty sure this claim is false. The only evidence in this article comes from that one single “friend,” and the article doesn’t even clear up whose friend that is. Only Emma and Hedlund would know what Emma’s plan is for the actual birth, not an anonymous tipster who would reveal those plans to a tabloid.

The delivery room is actually a fairly common location in tabloid stories. This tabloid claimed in 2015 that Kim Kardashian was having major delivery drama — drama which seems to come about every time she has had a child. Gossip Cop debunked that story, just as we debunked Star, a sister magazine of the one in question, for reporting that Kate Hudson was dumped in the delivery room. Both Kardashian and Hudson are still with Kanye West and Danny Fujikawa respectively.

Princess Beatrice riding in a carriage with her father, Prince Andrew
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Prince Andrew "Erased" From Princess Beatrice's Wedding?

On July 17, Princess Beatrice got married to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi at an intimate ceremony in Windsor. In Touch is reporting that the princess’ father, Prince Andrew, was deliberately not photographed as a means of distancing the royal family from the ongoing scandals involving the Duke of York. The outlet writes, “She’d already canceled her wedding more than once because of” Prince Andrew, and, a source insists, “Beatrice couldn’t fully enjoy her big day because of the black cloud hovering over the family because of her father.”

Let’s go over the complete list of people in the official wedding photos: Princess Beatrice, Mozzi, Prince Philip and the Queen. That’s the entire list. There are no photos of Princess Beatrice's mother, Sarah Ferguson, or her sister, Princess Eugenie, either. There have only been a handful of official wedding photos released thus far and they are quite limited in their scope. This shady source should have noted this, for Prince Andrew was not the only one excluded from official photos.

OK!, a sister magazine of the tabloid in question, claimed back in March that the wedding was being postponed because of Prince Andrew. Gossip Cop busted that story because the wedding was only being postponed over COVID-19 concerns. It had nothing and still has nothing to do with Prince Andrew’s alleged behavior. In February, that same outlet said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were running out of money, which Gossip Cop busted because, well, the tabloid made it up.

John Travolta wearing a dark blue suit on the red carpet
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John Travolta Quitting Acting?

The Globe reports John Travolta is giving up acting following the death of his wife, actress Kelly Preston. Their only source is a single anonymous insider who says that Travolta “has no desire to get in front of the camera again.” The insider says Travolta’s priority right now is raising his children, for he “promised Kelly before she died that he would look after them.”

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure if Travolta will leave acting — only he would know that — but we do have some objections to this tabloid’s story. Towards the end of the article, this anonymous shady source says Travolta’s “career doesn’t bring him happiness anymore,” then has the gall to cite his 2018 flop Gotti as evidence that he would leave. The critical reception of a film and the death of his wife are in such radically different worlds that it’s immoral to raise them up in the same breath. Critics would have nothing to do with his retirement.

Big news of Hollywood retirements is a typical tabloid cover story. OK! claimed Sandra Bullock was retiring in 2017, but she wasn’t. Just last month, the National Enquirer said Morgan Freeman was quitting Hollywood due to “health woes,” which Gossip Cop found to be completely false. Woman’s Day, a sister magazine of Globe was busted for claiming Ellen DeGeneres was quitting her show after some negative stories started trending on Twitter. Hollywood retirements are reported in formally drafted statements, not on tabloid covers.

Angelina Jolie wearing a strapless black dress on the red carpet

Angelina Jolie And Her Kids Are Nightmare Neighbors?

The Globe reports this week that Angelina Jolie and her children have been nightmarish neighbors. The outlet asserts Jolie’s children, despite living on a two-acre estate with 11,000 square feet of home, are still loud enough to upset the neighbors. “Noise travels” says an anonymous insider, who says the neighbors find all the “shouting, laughing and having a great time” to be “rude and inconsiderate.”

Publicly available photographs of the $24.5 million estate prove that it is surrounded by trees and tons of land, which makes it unlikely that any noise six children could make would escape unbuffered into the neighbors’ palatial homes. Gossip Cop is calling out this story. It’s inane. We spoke to a source close to Jolie, who denied the story as being absurd and untrue.

This tabloid has repeatedly pushed bogus stories about Jolie. In April, they had a story about Jolie being on the hunt for women. That article made her come off as a predator when in reality she is a doting mother who isn’t interested in dating anyone right now. Included in that anyone would be her ex-husband Brad Pitt, whom this very same tabloid said was planning a family vacation for himself, Jolie, and the kids. Family vacations are almost impossible now because of the pandemic. Gossip Cop busted that story too, as Jolie and Pitt have no plans to reconcile either.

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa standing together on stage
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Kelly Ripa Not Invited To Regis Philbin's Funeral?

OK! reports that Kelly Ripa is “plagued” with regrets because she “never made peace” with Regis Philbin before his untimely passing, and now she hasn’t been invited to his funeral. A source told the outlet, “Once she feels slighted, Kelly cuts people off for life. Now it is too late for her to reach out to Regis and show a little kindness.” The source adds that Philbin “went to his grave” with the “truth” about the former actress and “deep down” Ripa knows this.

Gossip Cop ran this story by a mutual friend of ours and Ripa's, who assures us the story isn’t true. Plus, there haven’t been many details revealed about Philbin’s funeral, except for it being held at the Notre Dame campus. Since there are still travel restrictions due to the coronavirus, it may be hard for anyone to attend the service.

Moreover, this wouldn’t be the first time the tabloids have tried to paint Ripa in a negative light. Back in 2018, the National Enquirer claimed that Ryan Seacrest was leaving Live! over Ripa’s attitude. Gossip Cop corrected the narrative at the time.

In July 2019, Life & Style, a sister publication to the Enquirer, was busted by Gossip Cop for insisting that Ripa was upset with Seacrest’s supposed new romance. We investigated the story and checked with a source close to Seacrest who denied the rumors. These tabloids have no insight at all into Kelly Ripa's personal or professional relationships.


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