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Kim Kardashian Is Calling Divorce Lawyers, Gearing Up For $2 Billion Divorce From Kanye West?

In Touch reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are preparing for a $2 billion divorce, with the reality star meeting with lawyers to start the process. The story says that a massive “cheating bombshell” would be the end of the “marriage from hell.” According to the magazine, Kardashian's recent trip to Wyoming to meet with her husband after a series of concerning tweets went extremely poorly. “Her main goal was to talk through their issues like adults and convince him to seek treatment,” a snitch reveals. “Kanye wouldn’t listen to her and it quickly became clear that there was no going back.”

The two "couldn't see eye to eye on anything" and ultimately "ended up not talking most of the time," and Kardashian left knowing that the relationship was over, despite West's apologies. However, more reputable outlets reported that the reunion went well, and even West himself posted a video of his family having fun together. The entire article doesn't mention the "cheating bombshell" again. Additionally, Kim Kardashian's rep denied the story entirely. Gossip Cop debunked In Touch for claiming that the power couple was divorcing two years ago, just as we did with this latest story. We also called out one of the tabloid's sister publications for a recent report about Kardashian and West going through a trial separation, which was also totally fake.

Prince William And Kate Middleton On A 'Babymoon'?

In a "heartwarming exclusive," New Idea breaks the news that Kate Middleton and Prince William are "aiming to conceive at the earliest opportunity." The magazine says that the couple's recent trip to the Isles of Scilly was actual a brief respite for the two, which they took in hopes that "she falls pregnant." According to an anonymous royal source, “the Cambridges are now back at their full-time residence,” although Prince William reportedly has his hands full trying to “shield his doting wife” from some of the drama surrounding Meghan Markle.

The article is total nonsense. Gossip Cop already busted the idea of Middleton announcing her fourth pregnancy when New Idea made a similar claim in June when it reported that Prince William had "confirmed" the new baby news. Given the fact that the tabloid can't even get its own stories straight, there's little reason to believe any of the rumors.

Furthermore, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did in fact travel to Scilly recently, the outlet used photos from 2019 and 2016 as evidence of their story. Such misleading tactics are another sign that this is a phony report. This is another miss from New IdeaGossip Cop also called the tabloid out for other fake gossip about the royal couple, including a piece that argued that they'd somehow taken over the throne from earlier this year.

Justin Bieber in a white shirt holds hands with wife Hailey Baldwin in a dress

Hailey Baldwin Bieber Says She 'Needs A Break' From 'Clingy' Justin Bieber?

According to the National Enquirer, Justin Bieber's "clingy, controlling ways" are frustrating his wife, Hailey Baldwin, and "prompting her to call a time-out on the marriage." The magazine says that Baldwin is struggling with her husband in quarantine, as she can't walk into any room of their home “without Justin coming in and demanding her attention.” And worse yet, the outlet's source says, Baldwin's friends “are filling her head with poison about the marriage. He doesn’t want to let her out of his sight!”

Being cooped up inside with a spouse is an understandable problem, but this story simply doesn't add up. Who's following the couple around in their house while they're self-isolating? What friends specifically are so opposed to her marriage? There are too many details that don't get addressed. There's also the fact that Baldwin herself has publicly said that she's been extremely happy with how she and her husband have spent quarantine together.

Plus, the Enquirer has an awful track record not only with this couple but with several other celebrity relationships as well. Roughly a year ago, it published an article about Baldwin being grossed out by Bieber's acne and threw several insults at the singer and his skin. The tabloid was also responsible for a bogus report about Demi Moore sparking a fight between Bruce Willis and his wife while quarantined, as well as one about Alec Baldwin and his wife struggling while self-isolating together. The outlet even wrote a similar story about Justin Timberlake acting too clingy while quarantined with wife Jessica Biel. There's no reason to think this latest piece about Bieber and his wife has any credibility.

Ellen DeGeneres Being 'Abandoned' By Her Hollywood Friends?

After weeks of negative press and gossip about the workplace conditions of her long-running talk show, In Touch says that Ellen DeGeneres' social circle has given up on her. “Ellen isn’t getting the support from Hollywood that she expected," a source says. "The silence is deafening.” The outlet then refers to some of the claims leveled against DeGeneres, including allegations of a toxic workplace. “How is she supposed to face her famous guests, especially the ones who didn’t defend her, on her show from now on?” the outlet concludes.

A simple look-through of social media reveals that this article is baseless. While the workplace allegations are completely valid and legitimate, it's nonsensical to claim that DeGeneres hasn't had any support from other celebrities. Jay Leno, Diane Keaton, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Hart are just a few of the A-listers to publicly express support of DeGeneres and share their experiences with the talk show host.

The rumor doesn't even address the fact that Portia de Rossi has been leading the charge in supporting her wife. Given that In Touch has previously gotten it wrong about DeGeneres, like when it falsely claimed that the host was losing millions on her real estate deals, there's little reason to listen to the tabloid.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle 'Broke And Homeless'?

The latest issue of Woman's Day reports that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have run out of cash and might soon be out on the street as well. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently staying at one of Tyler Perry's estates, and the outlet's source says that the media mogul is growing tired of dealing with the royal couple.

Perry is reportedly “sick of fielding calls from the neighbors complaining about how the area has become a hotbed of news crews," and the couple's financial state isn't helping things. The source points to Markle's desire for "the best of the best" and the legal fees of her ongoing lawsuit against The Mail on Sunday as the cause of their cash-strapped state.

In reality, however, the report is completely bogus and wholly unoriginal. Not only has Gossip Cop debunked rumors about the Sussexes being hated by neighbors, but we've even addressed claims about the couple being "broke and homeless" before. Neither is remotely true. Markle's lawsuit is still going on, and while she did have to pay roughly $87,000 in legal fees, there's no reason to believe that the couple's finances are in such a state that the costs would put them out on the street.

Woman's Day has falsely reported on Markle on the past. It previously claimed that Kate Middleton was panicking about the contents of Meghan Markle's secret diary, as well as arguing that Markle had banned Middleton from seeing her new unborn baby — since those stories were published, there has been no other mention of a diary or pregnancy from legitimate news sources.


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