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Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell Cancel Wedding?

The latest issue of the Globe reports that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been arguing and cancelled their wedding. The outlet used a handful of photos that appeared to show Hawn and Russell arguing while on a walk in Los Angeles amid the coronavirus shutdown.

The publication quotes a source as saying of their wedding plans, "Ever since they decided to move ahead, they've been endless bickering over anything and everything." This insider goes on to say about the couple's supposed wedding planning, "Goldie wanted to invite all their celeb pals, spiking the headcount to 300 at least, and Kurt just wanted it to be family and maybe a few close friends."

Gossip Cop can’t believe this tabloid recycled such a false rumor. The couple was never planning to get married this summer. The couple has maintained that marriage is just not important to them and they don't need a piece of paper and some rings to show their love for each other.

This isn't the first time the Globe has been wrong about the couple's relationship. Last summer, it asserted that Hawn and Russell were trying to save their relationship with a vacation to Italy. It was yet another in a long line of phony reports from the tabloid about the two and another in a long line of busts made by us.

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Chip, Joanna Gaines' "Diva Demands" To Blame For Magnolia Delays?

In a new article by In Touch, the outlet says the real reason why the launch of the Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia network has been delayed is due to the couple's over-the-top behavior. A source tells the magazine that it's not just the recent outbreak of the coronavirus that's pushed back the spouses' network. "Their diva demands are also setting everything back," the source says.

The outlet maintains that from the beginning, the Gaines' have been "high maintenance." "They wanted to be able to pick all the content for their channels. Everything has to be fit for Chip and Joanna and be family-friendly viewing," the source adds.

Despite what the tabloid is trying to convey, the story is false. The Gaines' network launch is not being delayed because of the two's alleged "diva" behavior. Gossip Cop spoke to a spokesperson for the couple who said the article, "could not be further from the truth," adding, "The decision to delay the network's launch was solely influenced by pandemic-related production delays. Nothing more to it."

Additionally, this wouldn't be the first time the tabloid was wrong about the spouses. In October 2019, Gossip Cop busted the phony outlet for falsely claiming the Gaines' were expecting their sixth child. In November 2018, the outlet was also exposed by us for incorrectly stating Joanna was feuding with Christina El Moussa. Gossip Cop investigated the story and found the narrative was completely fabricated. The magazine has no insight into the couple at all.

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Prince Harry Being Treated For PTSD After Breakdown?

According to a new report from the Globe, Prince Harry is being treated for PTSD after a mental breakdown in California. The outlet’s sources say that the death of his mother, Princess Diana, coupled with his time in the military and recent split from the royal family, proved to be too much for the Duke of Sussex.

“Harry admits he ‘can’t believe’ how his life has been ‘turned upside down,’” an anonymous insider tells the magazine. “Meghan forced him to ditch his family, friends, and country to chase her Hollywood dream — but it’s turned into his worst nightmare.”

The entire story is a lie. It is simply an attempt to exploit the tragedy of Princess Diana’s death, as well as an excuse to tear down Meghan Markle. If there was anything causing a mental strain on Prince Harry, it’d be the non-stop barrage of attacks from the tabloids. Still, we checked with a source of ours close to the couple, who told us the report was fake.

We’ve got no reason to trust anything coming from the publication. A few weeks ago, it took aim at the duchess again and proclaimed that Markle had given her husband a cruel divorce ultimatum. In reality, it was a hit piece about how “evil” the former actress could be based entirely on fiction.

And just last month, the Globe tried to convince its readers that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were buying a pot farm to start a marijuana empire. Of course, there wasn’t an ounce of truth to be found.

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Julia Roberts Leaving LA After Financial Problems?

Julia Roberts is selling her Los Angeles home after the coronavirus’ economic impact sunk her real estate portfolio, says the latest issue of In Touch. The magazine reports that Roberts sold her Malibu home just after selling a penthouse in New York and a mansion in Hawaii.

According to an unidentified source, the actress was "fed up with the madness of Hollywood and is planning to lead a more modest life at her new smaller place in San Francisco." She and her husband were forced to "curb their spending" after realizing the costs of "mortgage payments on various properties, manager and publicist fees and the cost of raising their three kids."

However, the story is entirely misleading. Julia Roberts did recently sell her Malibu home, but the Hawaii and New York sales came in 2016 and 2015 — it's grossly incorrect to say that those sales have anything to do with coronavirus. It also omits the fact that Roberts owns two other estates in Malibu and that her San Francisco home is worth more than the now-sold Malibu property.

Congratulations to In Touch for discovering that celebrities and wealthy people buy and sell real estate. The outlet is notoriously poor at reporting anything close to factual. Last May, it made up a story about Roberts and her husband trying to save their marriage with a trip to Hawaii. This past November, it invented a “health crisis” for Roberts that wasn’t even close to reality.

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Roy Horn Made Miraculous Recovery From Covid-19?

The National Enquirer should be embarrassed and ashamed for its horrendous "reporting" this week. The tabloid ran a story on page 15 of its paper dated May 25th, 2020 stating Roy Horn of the legendary Siegfried & Roy was miraculously recovering from Covid-19. The story is not only false, it's reprehensible.

Horn tragically passed away last week after contracting Covid-19. The Las Vegas legend faced a lot of hardships late in life after his infamous on-stage incident when he was attacked by one of the duo's famous white tigers during a show in 2003. Then, Horn announced via his publicist on April 28th that he had contracted Covid-19 and less than two weeks later, after a brief hospitalization, the magician succumbed to the illness and died on May 8th at age 75.

An article with the subheadline, "Miracle Recovery From Covid Deathbed!" appears in the Enquirer’s latest issue. In the article, The often-discredited outlet quotes a so-called "source" as saying, "He's been making improvements almost daily!" The disgraceful magazine claims that the magician's health improved after being treated with the drug remdesivir, stating that "insiders exclusively reported he has had an incredible bounce-back."

Usually when we report on the poor reporting standards of the tabloids, it's focused on silly things, like this particular publication's phony story about Matthew McConaughey become the next host of Jeopardy. But the Enquirer also has a darker side Gossip Cop reports on, like its weird obsession with (wrongly) predicting Queen Elizabeth's death. But we've never reported on the tabloid being this embarrassingly, outrageously, and insultingly false before.


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