Debra Messing Threatened With “Genital Mutilation” By Donald Trump Supporter

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Debra Messing Genital Mutilation Threat

By Shari Weiss |

Debra Messing Genital Mutilation Threat

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Debra Messing was threatened with “genital mutilation” by an apparent Donald Trump supporter. See the disturbing message screengrabbed below.

After President Trump signed executive actions on the border wall and immigration on Wednesday, a protest was started in New York’s Washington Square Park to oppose the orders. The goal of the non-violent rally was to show support for Muslims and other groups.

But even hours before the event kicked off, Messing tweeted, “#SolidaritySelfie I join the Virtual March in solidarity with Muslims and Immigrants. #NoBanNoWall.” The tweet was “liked” by Twitter users more than 1,000 times. A man with the handle @Michael67166063 was not among them.

Instead, the self-described “Republican winner” and “conservative” from Michigan tweeted back to the actress, “Krazy bitch Krazy bitch Krazy bitch Krazy bitch Krazy bitch.what would you like first genital mutilation or get rite to being stoned.” Both threats of physical violence are nods to the archaic practices that stunningly still take place against women in some parts of the world today by Muslims who believe in Sharia Law.

And while it’s unclear whether @Michael67166063 was actually threatening Messing or pointing out the barbaric practice by some Muslims, the actress was upset by the message. In addition to screengrabbing it and sharing it on her timeline, she tweeted to her 358,000 followers, “Please REPORT @Michael67166063. And @GOP this one is YOURS.” Indeed, “Michael” has made no secret of his loyalty to Trump and Republicans in other tweets on his page.

Debra Messing Genital Mutilation Tweet


Debra Messing Threat Tweet

(Debra Messing/Twitter)

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