Disney Star Debby Ryan Reveals She Was In An Abusive Relationship

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Debby Ryan Abusive Relationship

By Minyvonne Burke |

Debby Ryan Abusive Relationship

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Disney star Debby Ryan has just revealed that she was once in an abusive relationship. The 21-year-old “Jessie” star, now an advocate for the “Don’t Look Away” domestic violence campaign, says she was forced to end a relationship with an ex when he crossed the line.

“People that demand your password and always look over your shoulder, ask who you’re texting, and grab your phone and let themselves in – that’s not OK,” Ryan told Teen Vogue. “The time I decided to get out wasn’t too late, but it was really, really late in the game. I’m very fortunate because I had people help me get this person out of my life, out of my house – like physically lock the door.”

The actress said the unnamed guy once flew across the country to a fan meet-and-greet she was having and demanded to talk to her. “I hadn’t talked to him in a month. I told him to leave my life. So he threw a phone at me and it shattered to pieces and he was screaming, punching the wall, and cussing me out,” Ryan recalled. “Then he started bawling and said he’s sorry and loves me.”

Ryan told the magazine that the entire ordeal made her feel weak. “I wasn’t dating this person. This person considered themselves my best friend. We had a professional relationship and it was such emotional manipulation to the point where it became physical, and it stopped before it got too far,” Ryan said. “The second someone puts their hand on you, a boundary has been crossed. If anyone is feeling manipulated or abused, that’s the best it’s going to get and you have to fight for yourself now.” Share your thoughts below about Ryan opening up about her past abusive relationship.


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