Deanna Johnson The Voice Video: Singer Gets All Four Chairs After Getting None During First Audition — WATCH HERE!

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Deanna Johnson Voice Video

By Michael Lewittes |

Deanna Johnson Voice Video


Deanna Johnson got all four coaches on “The Voice” to turn around for her on Tuesday during the second half of the season 8 premiere, an extra-huge accomplishment since the first time she auditioned during season five, no one hit their button for her. This time around, the 18-year-old from Georgia, wowed Adam Levine, Pharrell, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton with her rendition of Kodaline’s “All I Want.” Check out the video below of Johnson’s performance.

Johnson said ever since Shelton told her that she could come back and possibly win after her first audition, she used that as motivation to work harder and practice more. The teen sang in church and in a rehearsal space her dad set up in their basement. And it paid off, big time!

Not long after Johnson began singing, Pharrell, Aguilera, and Shelton used their buzzers and turned around. Levine also turned around before the song ended. Immediately, Shelton recognized the teen and said, “We know you,” having remembered her previous audition. Levine asked rhetorically how many chairs turned around last time, before answering, “none,” and noting this time she got all four. He added how impressed he was that “you got turned down, came back, and got four chairs.”

Shelton first tried to get her on his team by saying she had “incredible range,” and then telling her, “You’re not bad looking… I think you’re a star.” Aguilera also made her case for the young singer, who said her influences were Dolly Parton and Florence + The Machine. Pharrell even went up to the stage for his pitch, and cracked that he wasn’t on the show when she was passed up. “I wouldn’t let you go by that like,” he said. Levine, however, had a different tact. He told her she was good, but that there were things she needed to improve. “My goal is to make you better,” said Levine.

So, who did Johnson go with? After saying, “I love you all so much,” she chose Levine. Check out the video below of Johnson’s audition, and tell us what you think!


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