LeAnn Rimes Ex-Husband Dean Sheremet: “Dumbest Thing She Ever Did For Her Career Was Divorce Me”

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LeAnn Rimes Dean Sheremt Cheating Divorce

By Minyvonne Burke |

LeAnn Rimes Dean Sheremt Cheating Divorce

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LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, believes “the dumbest thing” the country star ever did for her career was to divorce him. Sheremet recently spoke with Nat’s Next Adventure and opened up about his famous ex cheating on him in 2009.

Describing the ordeal as a “f*cking disaster,” Sheremet says, “Never in a million years did I think something like that would have happened. The need for me in her life was so strong.” The former professional dancer explained that he put his career aside to help manage Rimes. “There were things she couldn’t do without me. She had her own phone but never used it. People would call me to get to her. Everything went through me,” said Sheremet.

He recalled the first time he met Eddie Cibrian, the man with whom Rimes was secretly having an affair and would later marry. “He was a good looking guy. I just remember being like, ‘Oh God, just another one of those Hollywood pretty boys,’” said Sheremet. “If you’re ever in a room with him, he’s probably one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet. But I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw this f*cking table.”

Eventually, Sheremet realized something was going on between his wife and Cibrian. He described a time when he was watching them play pool and he “could just tell by the body language that everything had changed.” He added, “I felt foolish. I felt like this pathetic husband hanging around.”

Sheremet admitted that he and Rimes had once made a good team. “When we were working together, we were brilliant,” he told the blogger. “The dumbest thing she ever did for her career was divorce me… Because we were such a good team. The last hit song she had was when she was with me. It was ‘Nothing Better to Do.’” What do you think about Sheremet’s comments about Rimes?


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