Dean McDermott “Can’t Afford” To Divorce Tori Spelling?

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Dean McDermott Afford Divorce Tori Spelling

By Shari Weiss |

Dean McDermott Afford Divorce Tori Spelling

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Dean McDermott is NOT too broke to divorce Tori Spelling, despite report claiming he “wants to,” but “can’t afford” it. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

According to this week’s Life & Style, while McDermott “wants to divorce” Tori, “there’s one major thing holding him back: money.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Dean would have filed a long time ago, but he can’t even afford a good divorce lawyer. Dean’s acting career has stalled and he has no future projects lined up.”

The mean-spirited story, which tries to make both stars look bad, goes on to claim McDermott “blames his wife of nearly 10 years for wrecking his public image by airing all their dirty laundry” on “True Tori.” Now, “with four kids to think about and no exit strategy in sight, Dean feels helpless,” writes the tabloid.

“If Dean got a recurring role on a TV show, he would ditch Tori immediately,” the outlet’s source goes on to claim. But right now, “There is no way out for either Dean or Tori. They are stuck with each other for all the wrong reasons.”

So, if McDermott is so miserable in his marriage, why did he just propose to Spelling for the third time? The longtime couple became re-engaged during a family vacation to Paris earlier this month. The actress even says they’ll have another wedding, with their 10-year anniversary coming up next month.

It makes absolutely no sense for McDermott to give Spelling a new ring, drop to one knee in front of their children, and re-seal their union if he was so desperate for a divorce. But by concocting this story about being unable to afford an attorney, Life & Style has given itself an excuse for when the couple remains together. It’s actually pretty pathetic, given the magazine’s long history of inaccurate Spelling stories.

In 2014, for instance, the tabloid wrongly said Spelling was filling out divorce papers. Just last year, it falsely alleged she was pitching a new reality show with her mom, Candy. Life & Style was not the place to get your Spelling-McDermott news then, and it still isn’t now.


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