WATCH: “The Day Beyonce Turned Black” Trailer On ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)

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Day Beyonce Turned Black SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Day Beyonce Turned Black SNL


“SNL” aired a fake film trailer called “The Day Beyonce Turned Black” this week. In the make-believe movie preview, white America freaks out because the day before the Super Bowl, Beyonce released the video for her song “Formation,” and even though they “never saw it coming,” whites now realize the singer is, in fact, black. Watch video below of “The Day Beyonce Turned Black” on “Saturday Night Live.”

The trailer begins with Aidy Bryant watching a newscast about the “Formation” video and screaming, “Honey, get in here,” to which Kyle Mooney asks, What is it? What’s wrong?” “I think Beyonce is black,” a horrified-looking Bryant says. Next, we see a bunch of white co-workers in an office listening to “Formation,” with one of them saying, “Maybe this song isn’t for us.” After that, the trailer shows people going crazy in the street. Vanessa Bayer, in a panic, then tells Sasheer Zamata, “We have to go. We have to leave America. Beyonce is black!”

There’s another newscast in which we hear that apparently Beyonce “isn’t the only black celebrity. Some are saying Kerry Washington may also be black.” The trailer’s voiceover announcer notes, “It was the day they lost their damn white minds.”

Check out the video below for the fake “SNL” movie trailer for “The Day Beyonce Turned Black.”


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