David, Victoria Beckham Looking To Buy A Castle?

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Victoria David Beckham Castle

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Victoria David Beckham Castle

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Are David and Victoria Beckham looking to buy a castle to complete their luxurious lifestyle? That’s the claim in one of this week’s magazines. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively debunk this story. It’s 100 percent incorrect.

In an article titled, “David And Victoria’s Castle Hunt,” OK! maintains the fashion designer and her former soccer-playing husband are looking to purchase their very own castle. The couple got married at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland 20 year ago, and what better way to celebrate that milestone anniversary than to buy one for themselves? A so-called “source” explains, “They’ve always enjoyed exploring castles together, it’s kind of their thing. Now they’ve decided it’s time to take the leap and find one they can turn into a home.”

The alleged insider adds, “They’re looking for something historic, most likely in Spain, and money is no object.” Then, after noting how the Beckhams recently had a private tour of Versailles, the magazine asserts, “They’d love to settle down in a space that’s just as opulent,” but they’re open to other options as well. Of course, the Palace of Versailles has 700 rooms and can fit 20,000 people, so it’s very open-minded of Victoria and Beckham to “settle for a fixer-upper and do it they way they want,” as the unnamed tipster contends.

Here’s what’s true in the article: The Beckhams did wed in a castle, and they recently visited Versailles. Here’s what’s not true in the article: The main premise that the Beckham are looking to buy a castle. And while the outlet’s tale is based entirely on the unverifiable remarks of an anonymous and possibly fabricated “source,” Victoria’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop on the record the magazine’s story is “tabloid nonsense.”

That’s hardly surprising considering how OK! has previously published a number of false reports about the couple. A few months ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it claimed Victoria and David Beckham were going to renew their vows in a star-studded ceremony for their 20th anniversary. Of course, we were right, and that didn’t happen. And before that, the outlet took a different tact and untruthfully insisted in a cover story how David and Victoria Beckham were in the midst of a $1.2 billion divorce. Again Gossip Cop was spot-on, and the tabloid was wrong.

And what happened to Victoria and David Beckham doing a reality show about their family? That was a lie, as well. While Posh and Becks may be akin to royals to their fans, they are not looking to complete the package with a castle. Unfortunately for the tabloid, much like the characters who often live in castles, the outlet’s article reads more like a fairy tale than a reliable news report.


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