David Spade Slams Obama: “WTF” Is President Doing On Bear Grylls Reality Show “Running Wild”?

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David Spade President Obama

By Michael Lewittes |

David Spade President Obama

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David Spade is slamming President Obama for appearing on this Thursday’s episode of “Running Wild With Bear Grylls.” On Monday, Spade questioned in a tweet why the president of the United States of America is appearing “on a reality show.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Obama joins Grylls on “Running Wild” in Alaska, where the two men eat a chunk of salmon that was half-gnawed and discarded by a bear. While sitting on a riverbank, Obama asks Grylls, “Why wouldn’t the bear finish this sucker?” offering that it “looks like a nice piece of fish.” And even though the salmon was given the once-over by a bear, after Grylls cooked up the leftover fish carcass, Obama praised it as “tasty.” Later in the show, Obama notes that he enjoyed his time with Grylls in Alaska because “first of all, I’m not in the office. Second of all, I’m not wearing a suit.”

While the details of Obama’s appearance were revealed three months ago, Spade offered his criticism on Monday. The actor-comedian tweeted, “Why is Obama on Bear Grills trying to survive in the tundra? Isnt the idea to keep the prez alive? And why is he on a reality show? Wtf?”

The comedian isn’t the only person who’s had a problem with Obama being on “Running Wild.” PETA actually was less concerned about the president chowing down on the salmon than cavorting with Grylls, with whom the animal rights group has numerous gripes. In an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop back in September, PETA president Ingrid E. Newark told us, “We’re fine with Mr. Obama eating road kill or a piece of fish rejected by a bear, but we have a big problem with the 44th president of the United States appearing on a cheap reality show whose host bullied contestants into cruelly cutting a conscious baby pig’s throat with a knife.”

Tell Gossip Cop what you think about President Obama appearing on a reality show. Will you watch “Running Wild” later this week?


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