David Spade Car Accident: Comedian’s Range Rover Totaled In Crash

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David Spade Car Accident

By Andrew Shuster |

David Spade Car Accident

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David Spade was involved in a major three-car accident in Los Angeles on Wednesday night when his Range Rover was crashed into by another vehicle. The comedian’s SUV was totaled, but fortunately, he only suffered minor injuries.

Spade was reportedly driving down Sunset Blvd. at a busy intersection in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel when the incident occurred. According to TMZ, the actor was making a left turn when another car sped up to make a yellow light, but ended up colliding into the passengers seat of Spade’s Range Rover. The former “Saturday Night Live” star’s vehicle then spun into another car. In addition to Spade’s airbags deploying, one of his rear tires also flew off.

Despite the damage, nobody involved in the accident suffered any major injuries, and no one was taken to the hospital. Spade, however, reportedly plans on getting checked out by a doctor for minor bruises. Drugs and alcohol are not believed to have been a factor in the crash.

As Gossip Cop reported, Miles Teller got into a similar car accident last month when his Bronco flipped over after being struck by an Uber. The actor was with his girlfriend at the time, neither of whom were injured in the crash.

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