David Mueller After Taylor Swift Verdict: “I Never Grabbed Her” – Watch “GMA” Interview Video

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David Mueller Taylor Swift Interview

By Shari Weiss |

David Mueller Taylor Swift Interview


David Mueller is proclaiming his innocence one day after a jury found him guilty of groping Taylor Swift. Check out the video from “GMA” below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Swift won her countersuit against Mueller on Monday, with the jurors in a Denver courtroom finding that the radio deeday did, in fact, assault and batter the singer while they posed for a picture at a concert meet-and-greet. Mueller originally sued Swift in 2015, claiming he was fired from his job after she falsely accused him of grabbing her butt. Throughout the trial, however, she maintained that he did grope her, and the jury agreed.

Despite the verdict, Mueller is still insisting he didn’t do anything wrong. In a taped interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America,” the radio personality claimed the photo of the butt grab only looks awkward because he wasn’t “ready” for the picture to be taken. “I wasn’t invited to be in the photo, so I just moved into the shot best I could,” he asserted.

Asked if he wants people to believe “one of America’s biggest superstars is lying or at least mistaken,” Mueller responded, “What I’m saying is I didn’t do what they say I did. I didn’t do it. I never grabbed her. I never had my hand under her skirt. And I can pass a polygraph [test].” Though he sued Swift for $3 million, Mueller now claims he asked “for something in writing which stated there was a misunderstanding and I can take that to possibly convince someone at a radio station to hire me.”

“You didn’t want money? You just wanted this note?” asked the “Good Morning America” reporter. Mueller replied, “Absolutely.” And he also said that he may file an appeal of the verdict. Gossip Cop has reached out to Swift’s rep for comment. Following the jury’s decision, the singer herself said in a statement that she plans to help other sexual assault victims speak out in the future. Watch the video of Mueller’s interview on “GMA” below.

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