David Letterman Tells Oprah The One Thing He’s Keeping From His Office (VIDEO)

Oprah last david letterman appearance

By Michael Lewittes |

Oprah last david letterman appearance


Oprah made her final appearance on David Letterman’s “Late Show” on Friday, and she asked the retiring talk-show host what the one thing is he’s keeping from his office after his retirement. Letterman joked that it won’t be too hard to pick out something since he starting cleaning out his office “four, five years ago.” But then he got sentimental when Oprah further pressed, “What is the one thing that you kept that really held a special memory that you said, ‘I’m going to keep this’?”

Letterman said, “When we came over here from NBC, 20-plus years ago, they had refurbished this beautiful theater that we dearly love, and they refurbished the office building that comes with the theater.” He continued, “And they gave me a lovely, what I thought was an enormous office… and I was so excited and so happy, and you looked around and the sink… You know how most sinks will have a device, a lever, a stopper? I got a rubber stopper on a chain.” Letterman then explained. “And the chain was too long to fit the sink, so they untied it into multiple knots to fit into the hole in the sink.” Finally answering Oprah’s question, Letterman said, “So the only thing I’m taking is the rubber stopper, and the chain.” A smiling Oprah then clapped,and simply said, “Wow.”

Oprah joins a long list of big-name celebrities who have appeared this past week to say goodbye to Letterman. As Gossip Cop reported, Tina Fey stripped off her dress on-air and gave it to the late-night talk show host, while Howard Stern tried unsuccessfully to kiss Letterman on the lips. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, shared a passionate kiss with Letterman during her final appearance on “Late Show.” And on Thursday’s show, George Clooney handcuffed himself to the host and remained that way for the entire hour of the show.

As Gossip Cop previously noted, Tom Hanks and Bill Murray will also appear on “Late Show” next week before his final show on May 20. Check out the video below of David Letterman telling Oprah what he’s taking from his office when he leaves, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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